YRKKH 16th June 2024 Written Update Abhira rejects Armaan

YRKKH 16th June 2024 Written Update Abhira rejects Armaan

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YRKKH 16th June 2024 Written Update Abhira rejects Armaan. Sanjay accuses Armaan of damaging the family’s reputation. Manisha, Manoj, Krish, Aryan, and Kiara show their support for Armaan. Manoj praises Armaan for standing up for his love for the first time. Sanjay insists that Armaan was willing to call off the wedding. Krish reminds everyone that no one bothered to consider Armaan’s feelings. Vidya blames Armaan for choosing Abhira. On the other hand, Manisha and Manoj side with Abhira. Madhav instructs Abhira to rest while asking for a phone charger on her behalf. Seeing Abhira again causes Madhav to become anxious and he offers to let her talk to Armaan.

However, Abhira reveals that she simply wants to understand why Armaan decided to end their engagement. Manish urges Ruhi to confide in God about her struggles. She mentions Armaan and Manish and Swarna agree to pray for her. While running into Armaan, Ruhi ends their relationship and suggests he find someone on his level to marry. She resolves to move forward. Charu interrupts by calling Armaan home, where she informs him that Kaveri wants to speak with him. Apologizing to Kaveri, Armaan is accused of causing Ruhi pain because of Abhira. He admits he can’t make Ruhi happy and Kaveri warns him of future regrets. As a result, Armaan decides to confess his love for Abhira and travels to Mussoorie in pursuit of her.

Abhira believes Armaan may reciprocate her feelings, but Madhav prevents them from meeting. Despite this, Abhira reaches out to Armaan, who learns she is in Udaipur and decides to see her. Concerned, Madhav asks if Abhira trusts Armaan to keep his promise. Unexpectedly, Armaan declares his intention to marry Abhira. However, Abhira requests for him to leave and give her space. Hoping for a chance, Armaan pleads with her. But after being hurt by him before, Abhira admits she cannot trust him anymore. Confused by Madhav’s actions, she questions why she rejected Armaan’s love despite being eager to see him. Now the question remains: will the Poddars accept Abhira? Keep reading for YRKKH 16th June 2024 Written Update Abhira rejects Armaan.

YRKKH 16th June 2024 Written Update Abhira rejects Armaan:

Madhav questions why Armaan’s love for Abhira matters. Abhira hopes that Armaan reciprocates her love. Madhav doubts Armaan’s ability to stay committed. Abhira defends Armaan, despite his previous marriage ending in divorce. Madhav disapproves of Armaan breaking his marriage vows. Abhira believes that this may have been a realization of Armaan’s true feelings for her. However, Madhav argues that Armaan’s actions have already proven he cannot be trusted. He further points out how easily influenced and controlled by the Poddars Armaan can be. Abhira reluctantly agrees with Madhav’s assessment.

She acknowledges that while Armaan did support her at one point, he also disowned her when it suited him. Yet, she struggles to let go of their relationship due to his strong ties to his family and their expectations of him. According to Madhav, family always comes first for Armaan and he is unable to prioritize anything else above them. Kaveri adamantly refuses to accept both Abhira and Armaan, causing Manisha to devise a plan for Abhira to come home after marrying Armaan. Despite Manisha’s efforts, Kaveri continues to reject the idea of welcoming Abhira. Concerned about the situation, Kajal decides to speak with Kaveri about the possibility of Armaan and Abhira getting divorced. However, Sanjay intervenes and pulls Kajal away before she can approach Kaveri.

Meanwhile, Madhav suggests that Abhira test Armaan’s love and understand that if push comes to shove, Armaan may choose his family over her. Seeing how hesitant Abhira is, Madhav recounts his own experience where the Poddar family forced him to make a similar decision due to his mother-in-law’s disapproval. He encourages Abhira to stand up for her self-respect and take control of her relationship with Armaan. Madhav then advises Abhira to give Armaan a chance to make things right between them. Kajal cautions Sanjay to locate Madhav, otherwise, she will inform Kaveri about the separation of Abhira and Armaan. Meanwhile, Abhira informs Madhav that Armaan must earn her trust.

Consequently, Madhav decides to support Abhira while Armaan makes plans to meet her. As Madhav opens the door for Armaan, he requests to see Abhira but is denied by Madhav. Frustrated, Armaan urges Madhav to leave and questions if he obtained Kaveri’s permission to meet Abhira. Finally, he pleads with Madhav to allow him to see Abhira. Abhira and Armaan reunite, causing a shocked Madhav to observe. Armaan apologizes for his past actions towards Abhira and declares his love for her, asking for her support. He affectionately refers to Abhira as his everything.

Abhira is taken aback by Armaan’s declaration of love but declines his love and tells him to leave. Before leaving, Armaan promises to always be there for Abhira, but Madhav intervenes and kicks him out of the house. Despite Armaan’s attempts to persuade her, Abhira chooses to ignore him by following Madhav’s words.


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