GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

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GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger. After the police commissioner and his team arrive, Shantanu and Isha join them. Shantanu inquires about the situation, to which the commissioner replies that someone has taken control of the institute. Worried for her brother Ishaan, Isha urges the police to open the gate. In a phone call, Inder informs the commissioner that Bhawar and his armed group were responsible for the hijacking. The commissioner reveals that he had rushed to the institute upon receiving Bhawar Patil’s message through Surekha’s SOS call. However, before Inder could warn about a bomb near the gate, their connection was lost.

Despite this warning, a policeman opens the gate, resulting in a loud explosion that renders everyone unconscious. In a fit of rage, Savi calls out to Bhawar and strikes him. This causes Shantanu and the others to wake up, who then try to wake Isha from her slumber. Immediately, Isha’s worries resurface as she frantically attempts to enter the institute, fearing for Ishaan’s safety. However, Shantanu manages to calm her down and prevent her from entering. The commissioner voices his concern about the lack of an entrance into the institute, but Shantanu assures him that there is a backdoor leading to Yashwant’s cabin which he can guide them through. Despite Isha’s insistence on accompanying them, she also expresses her love for Shantanu and pleads for his safe return with Ishaan by her side.

In response, Shantanu acknowledges her love in this difficult situation and promises to take care of Ishaan should he not make it back. Although she protests against such thoughts, Isha ultimately agrees and gives him her word before he leads the police into the institute. Mandar and Kiran reprimand Savi for slapping Bhawar. Bhawar intervenes and requests Harini to decorate Savi’s palm with mehendi and write his name on it. Reeva also joins in. Bhawar points out how Reeva always sticks by Savi’s side and asks her to inscribe his name as well. He then carefully observes the live CCTV footage of the entire institute and notices Shantanu.

The Bhosles identify him as Shantanu, to which Bhawar questions who he is. Ayush reveals that Shantanu is Ishaan’s father. Upon hearing this, Bhawar exclaims that he is ready to face any consequences for his actions against Shantanu. The dramatic situation continues. What will happen now that Bhawar Patil has dressed Ishaan, Chinmay, Nishikant, and Yashwant in his team’s attire and presented them to the police as potential thugs who may be shot down? Keep reading for GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger:

Savi asks Bhawar not to harm Ishaan. She loves Ishaan and can go to any extent to save his life. The police enter the place. Kiran shows the video to Bhawar. Bhawar says that he can check all the CCTV cameras on his phone. He tells Ishaan that it’s going to be fun. He shows the video to Ishaan and Savi. Bhawar learns about Shantanu and asks who is he. Ayush tells him that Shantanu is Ishaan’s father. Bhawar decides to capture Shantanu as well. Ishaan gets worried for Shantanu.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

Bhawar says that it’s going to be much fun. He asks his men to tie the four of the Bhosle men. Shantanu proceeds with the cops. Reeva and Harini apply the mehendi to Savi. Savi calls Inder. Inder asks her to say it first. He doesn’t get any response from her. Savi asks him not to shoot. Inder gets the constables at positions to shoot. Bhawar sends Bhosle men in disguise as the goons. Ishaan manages to free himself. He alerts Shantanu. Shantanu asks the constable not to shoot. He saves Ishaan in the nick of time. Bhawar hears the gunshot and smiles. The family members are in shock. Reeva asks if Ishaan is okay. Surekha asks Savi what’s the matter. Savi’s phone gets caught. Bhawar tells that Ishaan is dead.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

The family cries for him. Savi and Reeva are in shock. Ishaan stays safe because of Shantanu’s wise move. Shantanu runs and hugs Ishaan. Chinmay, Yashwant, and Nishikant also meet Shantanu. They finally get free from Bhawar’s trap. The lights get on and Mandar reaches there with the real goons. He catches Ishaan and his family members once again, and this time even the police officers are held captive by Bhawar. Bhawar taunts Inder. Inder asks him to leave the madness and surrender. Bhawar laughs at his advice. He angrily shoots Inder. This terrorizes the Bhosle family.

Ayush feels they can’t get saved from Bhawar. Bhawar tells Ishaan that he can do anything with him. Ayush asks Bhawar to spare his life. He says that his dad is very rich and can give him any desired amount. Bhawar asks Ayush if he will buy him/Bhawar. He asks Ayush to get out. He stops Ayush and asks him to take his exam first. Ayush is ready to do anything. Bhawar asks Kiran to hand over a gun to Ayush. He asks Ayush to shoot the Bhosle family. He threatens to kill Ayush if he dares go against him. The family members ask Ayush to stop. Ayush gets compelled by Bhawar.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

Durva taunts Ayush for breaking their friendship. Bhawar asks Ayush to shoot Durva first. Shantanu slaps Ayush and stops him. He lectures Bhawar and Ayush. Bhawar takes Shantanu at gunpoint. Yashwant loses his cool and catches Bhawar. The goons catch him. Bhawar says that he will take revenge for his insult. He asks Ayush to slap Yashwant. Ishaan asks Bhawar to spare his family. Bhawar asks Ayush to beat up Ishaan. Ayush beats up Ishaan, while the family members cry. Savi takes a stand for Ishaan and stops Ayush. She holds Bhawar’s hand and takes him away from the Bhosle family.

She makes Bhawar sit in the mandap. She asks the pandit to start the marriage rituals. She asks Bhawar to stop torturing others. Ishaan picks up Bhawar’s gun and takes him away from the mandap. He doesn’t want Bhawar to ruin Savi’s life. He says that Bhawar will get punished for his sins. He threatens to kill him. Savi asks him not to do anything because she wants to marry Bhawar. Ishaan confesses his love to Savi in front of Reeva and the family members.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger

She asks what is he saying. Ishaan says that it’s the truth. Reeva gets disappointed. Ishaan says that he doesn’t know when it happened, but he loves Savi. Reeva sheds tears of sorrow. Bhawar says that once Ishaan shoots him, his entire family will die at his goons’ hands. He isn’t scared to die. He blasts the college wing by using the remote. He scares them once again. Savi asks Ishaan not to lie that he loves her, or else he would have not agreed to marry Reeva. She doesn’t want to risk everyone’s lives by listening to Ishaan. She asks Ishaan to go away. She says that she will marry Bhawar. Bhawar takes the gun from Ishaan’s hand. He asks Ishaan to sit back as Baraati. In the next episode, Ishaan opposes Bhawar and attempts to save Savi. He recalls Savi and his moments. Bhawar shoots Ishaan.

GHKKPM 16th June 2024 Written Update Ishaan in danger


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