Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update Shruti’s entry

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Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update Shruti’s entry. Kavya, Kinjal, and Dimpy are filled with joy as their children’s spirits are lifted. They remark that only the older generation could achieve this. Dimpy mentions that the elders have been deeply hurt. Kinjal encourages her not to dwell on it too much. The kids break out into a dance. Suddenly, Anupama walks in wearing a Gajra, much to Anuj’s surprise and delight. Anupama remembers initially thinking it was for Shruti, but Dimpy insists she wears it herself. Titu joins in the dance with Dimpy while Vanraj and Paritosh also join the fun. Soon, everyone is dancing together. Anupama brings Leela and Biji to the dance floor as well. Anuj imagines himself dancing with Anupama and can’t help but blush. All the couples dance together happily while Kinjal compliments them on how lovely they look.

She then asks them to remove any negative energy around them by taking blessings from Titu and Dimpy’s parents, Hasmukh and Leela. Hasmukh lovingly responds that they would do anything for their loved ones’ happiness. Aadhya gets desperate to call Shruti, but she doesn’t answer. As the situation becomes more chaotic, Vanraj considers talking to his parents but is unable to find a moment alone with them. Just as he’s about to approach them, the children interrupt and ask for their attention. Deciding to save the conversation for later, Vanraj plans to talk to his parents after the event. Kavya asks Leela to perform the aarti for Dimpy and Titu.

However, Leela suggests Kavya do it herself as she always does it. Admitting that she won’t be around forever, Leela encourages Kavya to learn how to do the aarti as well. Anupama urges her again, but Leela ultimately performs it instead. The kids then request sweets from Hasmukh and Leela, who hesitate before suggesting they ask their mothers instead. Finally, Vanraj steps in and feeds the children himself while reminding them of the importance of eating from their elders’ hands and promising delicious food ahead.

Everyone beams with joy. As the group joyfully applies haldi to one another, Anuj and Devika both rush to put it on each other. Anupama joins in as well, with the kids eager to add Haldi to her face. Amid the chaos, Anuj and Anupama accidentally end up smearing haldi on each other’s faces. Shruti appears and playfully wipes away the haldi from Anuj’s face, claiming that she has the sole privilege of applying it to him. She then proceeds to coat her face with Haldi and rubs her face against his to get some on himself.

Anupama 22nd June 2024 Written Update Shruti’s entry:

Anupama invites the Shahs to begin the haldi ceremony. Leela and Anupama participate in the ritual alongside Titu and Dimpy, while the Shahs join in on the dancing. Anuj and Anupama take turns applying haldi to one another, leaving Shruti feeling envious. However, she is surprised to see even Aadhya having a good time. Shruti eventually opens up to Anuj about how much she has missed him, which brings a smile to Vanraj’s face as he watches from afar. Anuj inquires about Shruti’s arrival, to which she admits that she would not have wanted to miss out on all the fun. Aadhya is glad for Shruti, while Anuj had promised to collect her from the airport. However, Shruti wanted to surprise Anuj instead.

Upon arriving, Vanraj warmly greets Shruti and declares that the festivities will be twice as enjoyable with her presence. He even sings a song to welcome her. Proudly claiming her right over Anuj, Shruti insists that he marry her. Leela chides Shruti for being shameless, but Vanraj invites her to join in on the haldi ceremony with Titu and Dimpy as well. Shruti invites Anuj to join her, leaving Anupama stunned. Despite Anupama’s request for privacy, Devika and Kinjal offer their support.

Anupama becomes angry with them for not respecting her wishes. However, Devika and Kinjal believe Shruti is justified in wanting to spend time with Anuj. They also mention that Anupama and Anuj may never reunite. Kinjal points out that it’s impossible to predict what will happen until after Shruti and Anuj’s wedding takes place. Meanwhile, Anupama grapples with her feelings towards Anuj and wonders why she can’t control her love for him. As Shruti questions if Anuj is happy with her, he avoids her and his thoughts drift to Anupama. He tries to reassure Shruti but ends up bumping into Anupama instead, pleading with her not to cry. Vanraj mentions that the wedding between Titu and Dimpy will not be happening. He expresses his pleasure in seeing Anupama in distress.

When Kavya questions his enjoyment towards someone else’s pain, Vanraj clarifies that he takes pleasure solely in Anupama’s troubles. Kavya then questions his intentions behind breaking up Titu and Dimpy’s wedding, but Vanraj avoids giving a direct answer. Kavya reassures the couple that their love will overcome any obstacles caused by Vanraj’s malicious plans. During this discussion, Biji encourages them to focus on enjoying their wedding and planning for their honeymoon, including Ansh in the conversation as well. However, the ladies later inquire about Titu moving into the Shah household, leading Anupama to stand up for his reputation.


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