Anupama Update 25th June 2024 Shruti exposed

Anupama Update 25th June 2024 Shruti exposed

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Anupama Update 25th June 2024 Shruti exposed. Anupama and Shruti have a huge row when the former confronts Shruti about ruining her life. Anupama says that Shruti has done wrong and she must give a reason. Shruti asks Anupama to mind her deeds. She accuses Anupama of snatching Anuj from her. She calls Anuj her love and fiancé. She blames Anupama for deliberately coming to Anuj’s life to win him back and using Aadhya in her plan. She says that Anupama has won Anuj’s heart by entering the house with Aadhya’s support. She reveals that everything is okay in her life, but Anupama has got her marriage canceled. She says that Anupama asked Dimpy to invite Anuj and Aadhya to the wedding just to take them away from her.

She asks Anupama not to teach her anything when she is also wrong. Anupama is worried knowing Anuj has called off his marriage. Anuj finds her tense and asks the reason. Anupama finds Shruti there and doesn’t tell anything. Anuj, Anupama, Shruti, and others play truth and dare game with the kids in the Shah household. Anupama tells Shruti that she will ask her the question. Shruti chooses truth. Anupama plans to expose Shruti’s inhumane act in front of everyone. Will Anuj learn Shruti’s mistake? How will Shruti manage to clarify her step? Keep reading.

Anupama Update 25th June 2024 Shruti exposed


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