YRKKH 27th June 2024 Written Update Vidya loses heart

YRKKH Saawan Milni twists 25th June 2024 Update

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YRKKH Saawan Milni twists 25th June 2024 Update. Abhira is heartbroken that Armaan has lied to her about Ruhi and his relationship. She falls into Kaveri’s words. She loses faith in Armaan. She decides to not keep any ties with Armaan and change her path if she finds him coming her way. She heads to the temple and vents out her frustration in front of Matarani. She prays for strength to move on in her life without Armaan and the Poddar family. Armaan comes to Abhira’s house but doesn’t meet her. She swears to not see his face again. Armaan fixes a swing outside her house without her notice.

Armaan imagines Abhira and his Saawan Milni romance. Abhira sees the swing and understands that Armaan has fixed it for Saawan Milni. She angrily breaks the swing. Armaan gets hurt knowing her angry move. She doesn’t want Armaan’s love to hinder her life goals.

Later, Abhira meets with an accident. It will be seen that Abhira is injured and faints. A big twist will come when Armaan reaches her and takes her back to Poddar’s house. He rushes Abhira to their room and quickly does the aid. Kaveri is upset to watch Abhira back. She confronts Armaan about bringing Abhira home. Armaan takes a stand for his love and opposes Kaveri, much to Madhav’s surprise. Fate brings Abhira to Poddar’s house again. Abhira and Armaan will have a big argument when they come to know that their divorce hasn’t been finalized till now. Sanjay gets exposed by Madhav. Saawan Milni track will have Madhav and Abhira in the Poddar house. What drama will unfold after this point? Will this mark the end of Ruhi’s track? Will Rohit ever return in the story? Keep reading for more news and updates on Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.


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