YRKKH 25th June 2024 Written Update Armaan's rage

YRKKH 25th June 2024 Written Update Armaan’s rage

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YRKKH 25th June 2024 Written Update Armaan’s rage. Armaan insists he did not deceive Abhira. While she claims Armaan did not disclose the truth about Ruhi, she also shares that Ruhi and Kaveri revealed the facts to her. Nevertheless, Armaan assures Abhira of his love for her. However, she accuses him of manipulating both her and Ruhi. She demands to know why he concealed the fact that Ruhi was his ex-partner. In an attempt to salvage their relationship, Armaan pleads with Abhira to understand his perspective as he is afraid of losing her.

Despite his efforts, Abhira decides to break all ties with Armaan. He expresses his inability to live without her, but Abhira asks him to forget about her completely. Eventually, Krish, Manisha, Manoj, Aryan, and Kiara rejoice at the thought of Armaan and Abhira reconciling and returning home together.

When Kaveri notices Manisha’s jubilation, she questions the reason behind it. In response, Manisha reveals that the misunderstanding between Armaan and Abhira has been resolved and they will reunite soon. Kaveri taunts Manisha for believing in such false hope. Abhira questions God for repeatedly showing her dreams about love and family. She vows to not let these visions affect her and to move on with her life. When a man proposes to a girl, Abhira immediately alerts the girl, urging her not to trust any men as they are prone to lies. She advises the girl to come out of her delusion and make wise decisions for herself.

YRKKH 25th June 2024 Written Update Armaan's rage

At the Poddar house, Armaan breaks some glasses and then confronts Kaveri for manipulating Abhira. He blames her for ruining him completely, while Kaveri accuses Armaan of being torn between Ruhi and Abhira. Armaan admits his mistake of not being honest with Abhira and holds Kaveri responsible for driving them apart. Devastated by the situation, Vidya sympathizes with him. Meanwhile, Abhira reveals to Madhav that Ruhi is Armaan’s ex-girlfriend, prompting Madhav to ask for the full truth. Armaan regrets not speaking the truth to Abhira and insists that he never truly loved Ruhi. Vidya comforts him as he shares about his attraction towards Ruhi and how he failed to understand his true feelings for Abhira.

Abhira becomes livid when she learns that Kaveri has exposed the truth to her. This revelation stuns Madhav. Abhira adamantly declares that she will not let Armaan bring her to tears anymore. Vidya voices her disapproval of Abhira and accuses her of being wrong for Armaan. Armaan loves Abhira and believes she is the right life partner for him. Undeterred, Abhira pledges to become the top lawyer in India and decides to put Armaan behind her. Later on, Vidya demands that Kaveri bring Madhav back. In response, Armaan urges Madhav to return home for Vidya’s sake.

YRKKH 25th June 2024 Written Update Armaan's rage


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