Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Anuj

Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Anuj

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Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update Truth hits Anuj. Anupama approaches Shruti with a question, but Shruti declines due to her illness. Anuj and Aadhya express concern for Shruti’s well-being. Anupama reminds Shruti to care for herself as Anuj takes her back to the hotel. Meanwhile, Vanraj inquires about the dynamic between Anupama and Shruti and is met with a firm response from Anupama. Later, Vanraj challenges Anupama over involving Devika in their affairs, to which she confidently responds that she will handle whatever he has planned.

As Vanraj urges her to continue trying, Shruti worries that Anupama may reveal her secret to Anuj. However, when Anupama reaches out to Shruti, she reassures her that she has no intention of hurting anyone by exposing her truth. Concerned by her agitation, Anuj questions Shruti about the cause of her restlessness and learns about Smith bothering her. As he asks if everything is okay between her and Anupama, Shruti is taken aback and fears that the truth may come out after Dimpy’s wedding. Leela discusses a particular ritual, to which Dimpy responds that she lacks Mama Ji to conduct the upcoming ceremony. Anupama reassures Dimpy and advises her to prepare for the ritual without any worries.

Vanraj questions whether Anupama is deceiving them, while Anupama invites Bhavesh to perform the ritual for Dimpy, bringing joy to the Shah family. Despite Vanraj’s doubts, Anupama believes she has done nothing wrong. However, she loses her balance and Anuj comes to her rescue. Vanraj takes this opportunity to mock Anupama for interfering in Shruti and Anuj’s relationship. Devika checks on Shruti and receives a reply from her.

Anuj talks with Anupama and requests her to give Dimpy a gift on his behalf. As they converse, Anuj remembers Samar, but Anupama urges him to move on with his life and not dwell in guilt. She then changes the topic by discussing spice and chutney with him. Shruti becomes anxious at the thought of Anupama revealing the truth about Spice and Chutney to Anuj. Ultimately, Anupama expresses gratitude towards Anuj for aiding the workers at Spice and Chutney. Bhavesh performs a ritual for Dimpy and Titu. Anuj asks Titu to take care of Dimpy, to which he assures him.

Yashdeep lends a hand to Anupama in the kitchen and asks when she plans on returning to the USA. She responds with a later date. During their conversation, Yashdeep discovers that Shruti asked Smith to falsify information about Spice and Chutney restaurant. Anupama reminds Yashdeep not to mention Shruti’s name in front of anyone else. As he learns the truth about Shruti, Anuj becomes stunned. Yashdeep then poses the question to Anupama. He wants Shruti to get punished for her actions. In response, she expresses her concern for Anuj and Aadhya’s pain caused by Shruti’s actions.






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