Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twists Shaurya Shanaya breakup

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twists Shaurya Shanaya breakup

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Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Twists Shaurya Shanaya breakup. Palki gets arrested, while Preeta watches on helplessly. The Luthras reach the police station to rescue Palki. Shaurya remembers his argument with Palki. He finds a chance to taunt Palki. He says that he is fed up with the police and courtroom drama because it’s affecting Shanaya and his relationship. He adds that he should just break up with Shanaya to get rid of the daily dose of drama. Preeta and Karan get worried, while Shanaya is shocked. Varun comes to Luthra’s house and thanks Nidhi for helping him. He says that Palki is in lockup because of her.

Current track in Kundali Bhagya:

Everyone is wearing masks. Palki informs Preeta that Varun is unrecognizable. Varun pleads with Alia to stay and persuades her to put on a mask, while he also wears one himself. Upon seeing Varun, Palki contacts Preeta but misses him in the process. While observing Shanaya leaving the house, Nidhi requests that she bring Palki along. However, Shanaya informs her that Palki is not present at home. Refuting this statement, Nidhi insists that Palki is indeed in the house and suggests video calling her. After successfully connecting with Palki via video call, Nidhi discovers that both her and Preeta are currently at the club.

Concerned about this news, Nidhi decides to inform Varun about their whereabouts. Upon hearing this information from Alia, Varun assures her of his loyalty and love for Kavya before embracing her. He pleads with Alia to not get upset with him as it deeply saddens him. Meanwhile, inside the club, Palki spots Varun and proceeds to inform Preeta of his presence. As Romit notifies Varun of two women inquiring about him, he receives a call from Nidhi confirming that both Palki and Preeta are at the club.



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