Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed

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Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed. At the Haldi celebration in Arshi’s house, festivities are underway. She shines during her dance performance, captivating the crowd. The media captures the event and all its joy. However, in the happy atmosphere, Jhanak can’t help but feel left out, reminiscing about her marriage to Anirudh. The reporters interview Shrishti, who beams with pride for her daughter. They also notice Jhanak and express interest in her thoughts on the marriage. Jhanak responds impartially. After applying turmeric paste on her daughter’s face, Shrishti gifts expensive sarees and jewelry to Arshi.

This leaves Jhanak feeling defeated. She keeps a smile on her face and hides her tears. As Arshi prepares to become a bride in the evening, she asks Jhanak to design her Chandan, despite Jhanak’s hesitation to touch her. Reluctantly, Jhanak puts forth her best effort in beautifying Arshi’s makeup. However, Shrishti tries to insult Jhanak by offering her money, but she steadfastly refuses. In retaliation, Arshi seeks revenge by making Jhanak do menial tasks. Shrishti and Arshi make sure that they insult Jhanak in some way or the other. Jhanak doesn’t mind, as she is very happy for Anirudh and Arshi’s marriage. She ignores everything for their sake.

Arshi gets revengeful against Jhanak and plans a vicious thing to frame Jhanak. She intentionally asks Jhanak to apply the Chandan on her forehead. While she applauds Jhanak for her efforts, she then acts evil and plots to accuse Jhanak of sabotaging her wedding. Arshi faints while Shrishti angrily blames Jhanak for harming Arshi to stop the wedding. Jhanak gets blamed once again, while Anirudh learns the matter and slips into a dilemma. He wants to trust Jhanak and defend her but stays silent due to the rejection he faced before. Keep reading for Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update.

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed:

Shrishti, determined to keep her promise, muses that she would have kept Jhanak away if she could have. She knows that Jhanak will never be able to forget Anirudh and vows to show her her place. Proudly, she declares that Arshi is her daughter, a precious gem who looks stunning. The girl then comments on warding off the evil eye on Arshi, which further fuels Shrishti’s determination to keep an eye on Jhanak. Confidently, she proclaims that no one can defeat her. In a mocking tone, she suggests that Jhanak can now consider a career as a makeup artist since they earn well. Appu intervenes and asks Lollan to leave, but he simply brushes it off by singing and making light of the situation.

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed

Appu claims she will never tie the knot, to which Lallon inquires why. Appu responds with self-deprecation, stating that she is too unintelligent and undesirable for anyone to marry her. Lallon then asks who made such a hurtful remark. Appu explains that many people have expressed the same sentiment, reasoning that her inability to eat with her own hands makes it difficult for others to include her in social activities. She expresses her growing hunger and how it leads to anger from those around her. Lallon sympathizes with her situation. Appu then shares her concerns about Jhanak’s recent shift in behavior and how it may result in Jhanak leaving her. Lallon assures her this won’t happen, but Appu remains unconvinced.

Shrishti reminds Arshi not to let the media bother her and offers to order food if she is hungry, which Arshi declines. Shrishti then turns to Jhanak and asks if she is also not hungry due to being on a fast like Arshi and Anirudh. Jhanak denies keeping a fast and claims not feeling hungry as the reason for not eating. Arshi questions this and encourages Jhanak to eat before the function.

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed

Appu confidently states her singing abilities to Lallon who promptly challenges her to perform or return the chocolate. Appu impresses him with her singing and even surprises herself with her own talent as she dances along. Lallon joins in, praising her exceptional skills while revealing his side income of singing at events. Unaware of Appu’s story, he innocently asks if she sings at events too. Dismissing his inquiry and recognizing his kind words, she thanks him and defends him when Anjana questions his presence as a member of the decorators team. Anjana frets over Appu’s behavior and asks her to have food. Meanwhile, Shrishti reminds Jhanak to hurry up as preparations for the rituals are underway.

As Shrishti greets Anirudh, Appu updates Jhanak on Lallon. Jhanak, occupied with work, promises to catch up later. Shrishti proceeds with the rituals while a girl connects Anirudh with Arshi through a video call. Observing this, Shrishti is reminded of Anirudh’s upcoming nuptials to Arshi and vows to confront him when she sees him staring at Jhanak. She serves him sweets and reminds him to focus. Meanwhile, Appu praises Lallon’s character to Jhanak and urges her to join him at their place later. Vinayak welcomes the Bose family.

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 Written Update Jhanak framed

Dadu inquires about Baren’s whereabouts and is informed that he has joined them. Choton mentions that Baren will be accompanied by his daughter. Soon after, Mrinalini and Baren arrive, followed by a taunt from Choton towards Mrinalini. Anjana notices their arrival and remarks that Choton seems hesitant to get married himself, before asking if Mrinalini shares the same fear. To this, Mrinalini responds saying that Anjana’s hopes will never come true. Anjana then praises Choton as being a gem of a person, but Mrinalini disagrees, stating he is nothing more than a broken piece of glass to her.

Arshi receives compliments on her stunning bridal attire upon her arrival. Vinayak seeks Dadi and Dadu’s approval to escort Anirudh to the mandap, which they grant. He then requests Choton to manage the guests for a while. Choton assures him and takes the responsibility.

Shrishti urges Jhanak to join Arshi. Bipasha mentions that Jhanak will be handing Anirudh over to Arshi. Shrishti reminds Jhanak to stay and perform the necessary rituals, including playing Shank and bringing Arshi to the ceremony. As Anirudh catches sight of Jhanak, she realizes this is the day she must part ways with him. He also understands that he will now belong to someone else, but his heart will always belong to Jhanak. Finally, with a smile on his face, Anirudh welcomes Arshi as they exchange garlands.


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