Anupama 3rd July 2024 Written Update Dimple's nod

Anupama 3rd July 2024 Written Update Dimple’s nod

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Anupama 3rd July 2024 Written Update Dimple’s nod. Vanraj and Anupama are in a heated argument as Dimple’s right to decide on Titu is being discussed. Hasmukh sides with Anupama, who then turns to Dimple and urges her to choose. Dimple is taken aback by this request. Meanwhile, Pari tries to calm Ansh down, who is becoming increasingly agitated about Titu’s actions. Ishani and Mahi reassure Ansh that the elders will not disclose anything to them. However, Ansh declares that he won’t spare Titu if he hurts Dimple. Aadhya tries to soothe Ansh while Sushma also asks Dimple to make a decision but encourages her not to judge Titu based on his past. Leela expresses concern over marrying into a family with a criminal background due to society’s perception.

Vanraj suggests that the marriage be called off and Dimple ultimately locks herself in a room, causing both Vanraj and Titu to worry about her well-being. Vanraj instructs Titu to distance himself from Dimple, but Titu remains unwavering in his determination to be with her. He even suggests that Vanraj can physically harm him as much as he wants. The two continue to argue until Anupama intervenes and urges everyone to leave the room. She then takes it upon herself to have a private conversation with Dimple. Hasmukh orders everyone else to vacate the room so that Anupama can speak with Dimple alone. Vanraj reiterates his request for Titu to leave while Hasmukh insists that Titu will not budge until Dimple makes a decision.

Despite this, Anupama encourages Dimple to express her true feelings before making any choices. Meanwhile, Titu confesses that he has been keeping secrets from Sushma because Sushma influenced him in the past. Biji kindly offers water to both Sushma and Titu, causing Leela to question Biji’s empathy towards them. In response, Biji throws a snide remark at Leela. All the while, Titu wishes for Dimple not to call off their marriage. Ansh insists on going to check on Dimple, but Aadhya scolds him. She urges Ansh to pray for Dimple’s happiness. Dimple seeks advice from Anupama about her confusion regarding Titu.

Anupama assures her and advises her to take her time in making a decision. However, Dimple refuses to delay any further and decides to accept Titu’s past and marry him. She openly expresses her love for Titu, which offends Vanraj. Dimple stands up for Titu against Vanraj, while also praising Sushma. She resolves to give both Sushma and Titu the respect they deserve. Sushma blesses the couple, and Dimple is determined to fight against the world for their love. Vanraj intervenes and demands that Titu break off the wedding, causing a heated argument with Anupama. Leela takes Dimple and Titu’s side against Vanraj, as they try to convince him to accept their relationship. Vanraj blames Anupama for the situation. Dimple and Titu tie the knot, leaving Anuj to wonder if his own love story with Anupama will also have a happy ending. Anuj dreams of his union with Anupama.


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