YRKKH 4th July 2024 Written Update New trouble

YRKKH 4th July 2024 Written Update New trouble

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YRKKH 4th July 2024 Written Update New trouble. Deciding to reach out, Abhira considers the delicate nature of Madhav’s current task and avoids interrupting him. While searching for her client, she is taken aback to find Sanjay in their company. The unexpected reunion between Sanjay and her client leaves Abhira feeling stunned. Making matters worse, Sanjay reveals that Armaan was the one who recommended the client to them. Refusing to engage any further, Abhira suggests the client seek out Armaan if they do not trust her abilities.

Meanwhile, Sanjay confers with Kaveri on how to hinder Abhira’s progress, and together they devise a plan. As the scheme forms in his mind, Sanjay can’t help but smirk at his unsuspecting target. Armaan inquires about Abhira’s decision to leave the case, but she avoids him. He encourages her to speak her mind, warning that otherwise, she will continue to suffer. In response, Abhira asks him to keep his distance. Armaan pleads for understanding, but Abhira remains skeptical, believing he will ultimately disappoint her. She has lost faith in him and resigned herself to an unhappy fate.

Armaan assures her that he will protect her from any trouble if she stays by his side. Incredulous, Abhira asks him to make a promise only if he can truly fulfill it. With determination, Armaan sets out to create a happy ending for Abhira’s life. After considering it carefully, the client decides to give Abhira a chance. Sanjay attempts to manipulate the situation. The client then asks Abhira for assistance in retrieving his wife’s stolen bicycle, to which Abhira confidently agrees. In the meantime, Armaan warns Sanjay to stay out of Abhira’s professional affairs and becomes irritated when Sanjay does not heed his words.

Kaveri requests that Sanjay provide updates on Abhira’s progress and he complies with reluctance. In a separate matter, Ruhi is turned down by a lawyer for her case but coincidentally meets Kaveri, who informs her that she already knew about her relationship with the Goenkas. Feeling remorseful, Ruhi apologizes to Kaveri and reveals that the Goenkas are on the brink of losing their home. As Abhira courageously fights her case, Armaan is determined to support and admire her efforts. However, he fears that his presence might make Abhira feel self-conscious. Kaveri seeks Armaan’s assistance in helping Ruhi save her home. After meeting with Ruhi, Armaan convinces her to allow him to take on her case. Grateful for Armaan’s help, Ruhi agrees to entrust him with her legal battle. Abhira faces serious allegations of bribery from the judge.

As a result, the judge dismisses the case against Abhira, leaving her in a state of shock. Meanwhile, Kaveri and Sanjay are pleased to see Abhira facing consequences for her actions. As they discuss the situation, Sanjay expresses concern for Armaan while Kaveri urges him to continue giving Abhira a hard time. Despite the accusations against her, Abhira tries to plead her case with Ram Singh, who in turn accuses her of being a corrupt lawyer. Abhira makes every effort to prove her innocence, determined to clear her name. At the same time, Armaan confronts Sanjay, challenging him about the situation. During their heated exchange, Armaan admits his deep feelings for Abhira, openly confessing his love and revealing the depth of his emotions.






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