YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira's woes

YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira’s woes

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YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira’s woes. Sanjay taunts Abhira, but she defiantly refuses his offer of help and insists on handling her case independently. Memories of Kaveri/Dadi’s warnings linger as Sanjay smirks, confident in his plans. Abhira confronts Armaan, blaming him for provoking her and causing turmoil. Their heated exchange reveals unresolved emotional turmoil between them. Meanwhile, Kaveri Dadi overhears Ruhi’s conversation with a lawyer, where Ruhi’s difficulties are laid bare. Dadi admonishes Ruhi for her actions, drawing parallels between Ruhi’s betrayal and Abhira’s past actions. Ruhi expresses remorse and explains her intentions to salvage her relationship with Rohit.

Armaan receives a distressing call from Dadi about Manish’s financial crisis due to their failed marriage with Ruhi. Concerned, Armaan decides to help Ruhi, despite her initial resistance. He meets Ruhi at a café to offer his support, acknowledging his guilt over their broken relationship and Manish’s dire situation. Ruhi eventually relents and hands over her case file to Armaan, trusting him to resolve their legal issues. In court, Abhira faces a setback when false bribery accusations tarnish her reputation and lead to the loss of her legal license. Devastated but determined, Abhira confronts the judge, asserting her innocence and challenging the accusations. Meanwhile, Armaan stands by Abhira, emphasizing his unwavering support despite their tumultuous past.

Upcoming YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update:

As tensions escalate, Abhira vows to fight for justice and clear her name, while Armaan reaffirms his commitment to stand by her side, ready to take on any challenges ahead. Abhira’s loss of her bar council license leads to a heated confrontation with Armaan, where she angrily blames his family for the debacle. Meanwhile, Armaan returns home furious and confronts Sanjay, vehemently defending Abhira’s position in his life and their family. As tensions escalate, Armaan passionately asserts, “Abhira is still my wife, my life, and everything.” Despite the setbacks, Abhira remains determined, attempting to seek a meeting with the judge to address her situation.

YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira’s woes:

Abhira becomes overwhelmed when accused of bribing the judge and her bar association card is taken away. She pleads with the associates not to seize it, assuring them that she will prove her innocence. After learning about Abhira’s situation, Armaan is shocked and attempts to speak with her. However, Abhira asks him to stay away, blaming him for bringing chaos into her life. Despite this, Armaan promises to fix everything and begs Abhira to trust him. She then demands for Akshara to be brought back. As Abhira recounts the struggles she has faced since Armaan entered her life, he apologizes and takes full responsibility. He makes it his mission to clear Abhira’s name.

YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira's woes

Surekha is taken aback to hear that Armaan is handling their case. Ruhi explains that Armaan is their only hope. Concerned, Surekha wonders what will happen if Ruhi falls for Armaan once again. Despite her worries, Ruhi assures her that she will never develop feelings for Armaan and reminds her that he is fighting for their case because Abhira wants to protect Manish. Surekha then expresses her concern for Ruhi’s well-being. Meanwhile, Armaan speaks to the judge and explains how someone has tried to frame Abhira. However, when Abhira attempts to meet with the judge, the manager prevents her from doing so. To clear Abhira’s name, Armaan reviews the CCTV footage and discovers Sanjay’s true intentions.

On the other hand, Kaveri showers praises on Sanjay who ultimately wins the case as a result of his deceitful tactics. Manisha worriedly rushes to Manoj. She shares that Abhira has been accused of bribing the judge. Armaan then confronts Sanjay about his alleged attempt to harm Abhira, which Sanjay denies while in the presence of the Poddar family. Upon being exposed by Armaan, Sanjay questions why Armaan is so affected by the situation when Abhira means nothing to them. In response, Armaan reveals that he believes Sanjay is retaliating against Abhira for supporting Krish. He then urges Sanjay to admit his mistake and apologize to Abhira, but Sanjay refuses.

YRKKH 5th July 2024 Written Update Abhira's woes

Feeling strongly for Abhira, Armaan declares his love for her and suggests that Sanjay call a press conference to prove her innocence. However, Sanjay rejects this idea as well. Frustrated with Sanjay’s behavior, Armaan decides that he will leave the Poddar firm if Sanjay continues to refuse to apologize to Abhira. Seeing the seriousness of the situation, Kaveri orders Sanjay to hold a press conference. Despite this, however, Sanjay still refuses to apologize to Abhira and therefore Armaan ultimately submits his resignation letter. Kaveri gets worried about sensing the upcoming doom for her firm. In the upcoming segment, Madhav’s safety is at stake. Abhira swiftly steps in to rescue him and upon discovering that he requires a blood transfusion, Abhira selflessly volunteers to donate. However, Armaan intervenes and prevents Abhira from putting herself in harm’s way.


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