Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified

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Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified. Gurnoor gets a call from the travel agency confirming her ticket to London and requesting the down payment soon. She assures them she will make the payment shortly. Angad overhears this conversation and becomes suspicious about what Gurnoor is planning. The judge then invites Gurnoor on stage to perform. Meanwhile, Beeja points out Angad to Zoravar. Zoravar approaches Angad but doesn’t speak to him as Angad walks past. Gurnoor delivers her performance on stage. During this time, Garry receives a call from a private detective who provides information about Gurnoor. Garry signals Angad and tells him that Gurnoor ran away from home. Angad resolves to confront Gurnoor for deceiving his family.

The judge announces Veer as the runner-up and Gurnoor as the competition winner. Gurnoor is thrilled. The judge invites the special guest, Zoravar, on stage. Gurnoor is shocked to see Zoravar. He introduces himself and calls Gurnoor on stage to receive her prize. Although scared, she accepts the prize money. Zoravar whispers a comment to Gurnoor, making her uneasy. After the ceremony, Zoravar uses his whip to pull Gurnoor aside and berates her for singing in public, knowing he disapproves. They argue intensely.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified

Akir and Kirat find Gurnoor crying and ask her what’s wrong. She claims they are tears of happiness. She then leaves with the Brar family. Beeja tries to stop Gurnoor, but Zoravar intervenes and questions Beeja about Gurnoor’s newfound courage. Beeja attributes it to the Brar family’s influence. Determined, Zoravar vows to shatter Gurnoor’s hope of escaping him.

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Gurnoor, believing Angad is standing behind her, gathers her courage and starts to speak, saying, “There’s something I’ve never told anyone, and I think it’s time you know.” She pauses, ready to reveal her secret. Suddenly, a familiar voice cuts through the air, “I’d love to hear what you have to say.” Her heart skips a beat as she turns around, expecting to see Angad, but instead, she finds Zoravar standing there with a smug expression. The shock is evident on her face as she struggles to process his presence, her mind racing to understand how he ended up there instead of Angad. Her carefully prepared words dissolve into silence as she faces the unexpected turn of events, realizing she’s about to confront Zoravar, the last person she wants to share her secret with. Keep reading for Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified

Teri Meri Doriyaan 5th July 2024 Written Update Gurnoor terrified:

Zoravar decides to shatter Gurnoor’s hope for her to escape from him. Upon hearing his remark, Gurnoor quickly makes up her mind to leave as soon as possible. She calls the travel agent and requests confirmation of their flight tickets while simultaneously searching for Sahiba’s passport. Angad catches sight of her looking for the document and asks if he can be of assistance. To Angad’s surprise, Garry informs him that Gurnoor is married to a wealthy businessman in Delhi and that her story about losing her parents is untrue. Moreover, Garry reveals that she has plans to leave the country.

In a separate conversation, Veer mentions to Angad that he discovered Sahiba’s passport in Gurnoor’s purse. Angad confronts Gurnoor, revealing that he is aware of the truth. He accuses her of using Sahiba’s passport to flee the country. Angad expresses disappointment in Gurnoor for deceiving his family and admits he was wrong to believe she was similar to Sahiba. However, Gurnoor counters by stating that Angad only knows part of the story and warns him that half-truths can be more harmful than lies. Akir interrupts their argument and asks Angad what had transpired between them.

Angad inquires Akir about his presence in Gurnoor’s room. Akir reveals he couldn’t sleep and came looking for Gurnoor to hear some stories. Angad offers to tell the stories and suggests Akir return to his room. He then turns to Gurnoor and informs her that he will put Akir to bed, asking her not to be present when he returns. He politely asks Gurnoor to leave the room. Once Angad has taken Akir away, Gurnoor begins packing her bags. As she does so, she notices Sahiba’s passport left on the table by Angad and takes it with her.

Seeing this from a distance, Angad congratulates himself for his actions and remarks that he won’t be able to sleep tonight because of it. Meanwhile, Garry advises Angad to go get some rest. Angad declares that he won’t be able to sleep tonight and adds a sarcastic comment about it. Gurnoor realizes she cannot flee the country but must find a way for both herself and Akir to safely leave their current location.


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