Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Monisha loses RV 10th July 2024

Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Monisha loses RV 10th July 2024

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Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Monisha loses RV 10th July 2024. Dadi tells Vaishali that Purvi risked her life to save RV, emphasizing that no one else would do such a thing. Harleen agrees, noting that Purvi has fulfilled the duties of RV’s wife and the household’s daughter-in-law, prioritizing family over herself. Dadi regrets misunderstanding Purvi, and Harleen is happy that Purvi is with RV. Monisha overhears and becomes angry. Purvi gains consciousness and initially cannot see, causing RV to panic and call for a doctor. After a brief scare, her vision returns. RV, Diya, and Yug express their relief. Purvi, still concerned about RV, asks if he is okay after the snake bite and hugs him.

Deepika overhears their laughter and tells Vaishali that Diya is trying to woo Yug, urging her to intervene. Vaishali insists she will never accept Diya, unlike Harleen, who has accepted Purvi. Meanwhile, Harman questions why Harleen is doing household work. She responds that they are not wealthy enough to hire servants, partly due to financial losses from an incident involving Khushi. Harman reflects on the irony that one sister caused their downfall while another saved RV’s life. Purvi, worried about RV, mentions that such snakes are rare indoors. RV reassures her, saying he won’t die soon and will always be with her.

Purvi silences him, placing her hand on his mouth. Monisha sees them hugging, and Yug and Diya stop in their tracks, witnessing the affectionate moment. RV informs Purvi that he plans to visit the Police station and lodge a complaint about the snake charmer. He believes that someone may have deliberately sent the snake, or it could have been a mistake. Monisha overhears this and is taken aback. RV wants to protect Purvi’s life as she protects him. He grows feelings for Purvi, much to Monisha’s shock.


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