GHKKPM 10th July 2024 Written Update Sunken Rajat

GHKKPM 10th July 2024 Written Update Sunken Rajat

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GHKKPM 10th July 2024 Written Update Sunken Rajat. Aman contacts Bhagyasree to share the news of Rajat winning the best CEO award. Excited, Bhagyasree shares the good news with her family and Lucky quickly goes to bring sweets. Tara mentions to Bhagyasree that Rajat’s success is surely linked to Mamta’s presence in his life. This triggers some memories for Rajat. In recognition of his victory, Rajat dedicates the award to his wife, Ashika Thakkar. However, Harsh’s reaction is far from happy. In the meantime, Mamta is on a phone call with her followers and later approaches Ashika, asking her to greet them as well. However, Ashika refuses, causing Mamta to leave. Tara calls Mamta and inquires about her actions. Mamta discloses that Ashika was once married to Rajat and expresses shock upon finding out that she is also Saisha’s mother.

As she comments on this revelation, Saisha overhears their conversation and goes looking for her mother at the party venue. Chitra receives a call from Harsh, urgently requesting her presence in his room. He is visibly frustrated and can’t understand how he lost the jury vote, despite allegedly buying their support. Ashika tries to calm him down, but he remains upset. Meanwhile, Saisha approaches each woman individually, hoping to find her mother among them. Unfortunately, she is met with negative replies. In her search for her mother, Saisha enters a room and accidentally locks herself inside. Savi notices Saisha’s absence and asks Mamta about her whereabouts. Mamta speculates that she may have gone to the restroom alone.

Without hesitation, Savi goes in search of Saisha. Chitra and another jury member enter Harsh’s room. He immediately questions why he lost the award. Chitra points out that they are not the only members of the jury and brings up Rajat’s successful company as a potential reason for his win. Harsh angrily tells them to leave. They exit, leaving Harsh alone with Ashika. He turns to her and demands to know why Rajat dedicated his award to her. She responds by asking how she would have that information. Harsh accuses Ashika of being the reason for his defeat, but she reminds him that she left Rajat and their daughter for him because she loves him. Frustrated, he blames Ashika for everything and she leaves in response, commenting on his unfair accusations.

The reporter inquires Rajat about his reason for dedicating the award to his wife, who is not present with him. Rajat credits his wife, Ashika, for teaching him the importance of being greedy and remarks on it. Saisha calls out for assistance, prompting Savi to come to her aid. Savi reminds Saisha to remain calm when feeling frightened, as she is locked inside a room. To offer comfort, Savi lends her saree pallu to Saisha. She then requests a female waiter to retrieve the keys to the locked room. After being freed from the room, Saisha embraces Savi. Curious about her presence there, Savi asks Saisha why she came. Saisha explains that she was searching for her mother. When asked if her mother is present, Savi responds negative while Rajat interjects with a question about Savi’s influence on Saisha’s thoughts.

A heated argument ensues between them as Savi defends herself by clarifying that she only assisted Saisha in getting out of the locked room. However, things escalate when Savi accuses Rajat of being a terrible parent due to his behavior towards Saisha. The reporters inquire with Harsh about his feelings about losing for the first time. Upon spotting Rajat, Harsh makes his way over to him. He later discloses to the reporters that Rajat is an ex-employee who played a crucial role in his success. He announces that he plans to throw a party to celebrate Rajat’s achievements. Curious, the reporters ask Rajat if he will be attending the party, to which he declines. Chitra then questions whether Rajat’s refusal is due to Harsh dating his ex-wife.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Harsh pulls Rajat aside and provokes him further. The persistent reporters ask again, but this time, Rajat agrees to attend the party. He quickly escorts Saisha away from the commotion. Once everyone is settled, Harsh reveals to Ashika that he has a surprise in store for her.


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