Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update

Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update

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Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update. Shrishti has blamed Jhanak for burning Arshi and attempting to kill her. Choton and Mrinalini call the police home and they present the video footage as evidence against the criminal. The entire Bose family wants to see the evidence. Shrishti doesn’t know what the footage contains. When the video plays, the family is shocked to see Shrishti’s crime. They see Shrishti intentionally placing the diya on Jhanak’s saree and burning her. They realize that Shrishti wants to kill Jhanak. They can’t believe what they see in the video. Shubh and Tanuja also hate Jhanak, but they didn’t expect Shrishti to take this step. They tell Shrishti that Arshi has gone into mental trauma and her marriage got canceled because of Shrishti’s mistake.

Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update Exclusive News:

Anirudh angrily blames Shrishti for Arshi’s suffering. Vinayak asks Shrishti if she has lost her humanity that she tried to kill Jhanak. He says that he was afraid of this happening, he knew that Shrishti’s bad deeds would bring a curse on Arshi’s life. He rebukes Shrishti. The inspector tells Shrishti that they have solid evidence against her and they have to arrest her. Jhanak stops Shrishti’s arrest. She says that Shrishti is her aunt, even though she doesn’t accept their relationship. She doesn’t want Shrishti to get arrested, or else this shocking news will never let Arshi recover from the trauma.

Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update

She tells the police that Arshi is in the hospital and she needs her mother. She asks the police to leave Shrishti free and let the family solve the personal matter. She knows Shrishti is mistaken about her and wants to punish her. She calls Shrishti wrong. She feels Shrishti doesn’t hate her as much as she loves Arshi. She says that Shrishti shouldn’t have done this, but she has taken this step for Arshi’s sake. She pleads with the police for Shrishti’s freedom. She says that if they arrest Shrishti, then Urvashi will never forgive her and question her values. Jhanak’s great act of forgiveness surprises the Bose family. Mrinalini, Bablu, Anjana, Appu, and Choton praise Jhanak for her selflessness and love.

Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update

Shrishti gets speechless on hearing Jhanak’s appeal to nullify the case. Anirudh feels ashamed of doubting Jhanak. He says that he wants the culprit to get punished. He reminds his promise to Arshi. Jhanak stops Shrishti’s arrest. The police consider Jhanak’s request and make an apology for the trouble she faced at the police station. Jhanak finally gets justice for herself. Choton is grateful to Mrinalini for bringing the truth out. He tells his parents that Mrinalini is a prime witness of Shrishti’s crime. He adds that his faith in Jhanak is firm, unlike Anirudh’s faith which was shaken in no time. Anirudh too makes an apology to Jhanak. Vinayak asks Shrishti to apologize to Jhanak and accept her heartily. Will Shrishti apologize to Jhanak? Stay tuned for more news and exclusive updates on your favorite shows.

Jhanak Today Shrishti exposed 10th July 2024 Update

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