Kavya 10th July 2024 Written Update Kavya feels guilty

Kavya 10th July 2024 Written Update Kavya feels guilty

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Kavya 10th July 2024 Written Update Kavya feels guilty. Kavya, Adi, and Malini react to news of a medicine scam that has led to the deaths of children. Adi is shocked and demands someone investigate the scam. Kavya, distressed, leaves for the hospital where she sees the deceased children. Saxena tries to comfort her, but Kavya blames herself, feeling responsible as an IAS officer. Outside the hospital, protesters gather, and Kavya, overwhelmed with guilt, joins them, even slapping herself in front of reporters. Meanwhile, Anubha receives a call that Shubh is injured and rushes to the hospital. Kavya is relieved to learn from the doctor that Shubh has only a hand sprain. She apologizes to Shubh for sending him there, expressing her failure to protect the villagers. Shubh tries to comfort her, saying they did their best.

Adi arrives to check on Shubh, who reassures Kavya of his support. Anubha and Adi watch Shubh and Kavya’s moment, with Anubha noting Kavya’s closeness to Shubh, which visibly upsets Adi. Anubha tries to calm him down when he injures himself in frustration. Determined to find the scam’s perpetrators, Kavya tells Shubh she doesn’t need anyone’s support. Meanwhile, Giriraj meets Seema to discuss the scandal. Seema accuses him of past misdeeds and warns him he can’t escape the fallout. Giriraj denies involvement and insults her as she leaves.

Kavya Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon Written Update:

Back at home, Anubha tends to Adi’s wound, suggesting he is jealous of Shubh’s relationship with Kavya. Adi angrily denies it. Saxena reports to Kavya that he found no proof of the scam, but she insists he keeps searching. Anubha continues to manipulate Adi, inviting him for coffee as a friend. When Adi returns home, he coldly taunts Kavya, dismissing her concern for his injury and focusing on her work. They argue about Shubh, with Adi accusing Kavya of being too emotional around him. Kavya, hurt and crying, denies any improper feelings, but Adi remains upset.


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