Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Purvi's victory

Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Purvi’s victory

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Kumkum Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Purvi’s victory. RV urges Purvi to take her medicine on time, warning that he will keep a stern eye on her if she doesn’t. When she asks where he’s going, RV replies that he is heading to the police station to file a complaint against a snake charmer, determined to uncover whether the snake was released intentionally or by mistake. Monisha overhears this and later meets the snake charmer, giving him money and warning him to flee as RV has seen him on CCTV and is filing a complaint. The snake charmer expresses regret for possibly wronging a good person, but Monisha insists he vanishes to avoid capture.

At home, Dadu observes that Dadi, once angry, is now happy. Yug sympathizes with Dadu, who wishes Dadi would spend more time with him. Harleen, looking for the cook, learns from Vaishali that he won’t be coming. Purvi offers to cook, recalling Harleen’s previous disapproval. Harleen’s initial reluctance fades, and she allows Purvi to cook, signaling a shift toward family unity. Purvi happily prepares to cook, touching on her desire to join the family activities. As Purvi cooks, Monisha plans to ruin her efforts but is stopped by Deepika. Monisha, determined, enters the kitchen under the guise of supervision, making Purvi uncomfortable. Later, Monisha adds salt to Purvi’s dish but is caught and slapped by Harleen, who defends Purvi’s contributions to the family.

During dinner, everyone enjoys Purvi’s meal, praising her cooking. Harleen pretends to find a hair strand in a dish, ensuring Purvi isn’t blamed. Dadu and Yug commend the food, with Dadu especially enjoying Purvi’s Dal Makhani. Despite Monisha and Deepika’s anger, the family bonds over the meal, with RV and Purvi sharing a special moment that makes Monisha jealous. Monisha later complains to her mother about the growing bond between RV and Purvi. She reveals how Harleen slapped her for sabotaging the food, shocking her mother. Monisha is frustrated by the changing dynamics and RV’s evident affection for Purvi.


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