Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted

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Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted. Monisha accuses Purvi of being responsible for all the problems in her life. She shouts that Purvi knows everything and demands that she leave the house and her life. Purvi stands there, stunned and hurt by Monisha’s words. Before Purvi can respond, RV steps in, looking stern. He tells Monisha firmly that Purvi will not be leaving the house. Monisha, in disbelief, protests, insisting that Purvi is the cause of all their issues and must go.

RV explains that Purvi is not the problem; rather, it is Monisha’s behavior and attitude that are unacceptable and causing division within the family. Without allowing Monisha to argue further, RV declares that she will be the one to leave the house and the family. His voice is firm, leaving no room for doubt. RV grabs Monisha and, despite her resistance, escorts her firmly to the door. He tells her it’s time for her to go and guides her out, stating that the family cannot continue to suffer because of her actions. Monisha stumbles out the door, looking back at RV with shock and fury. She screams that he can’t do this to her, but RV remains firm on his decision. Is this Monisha’s dream or reality? Keep reading for Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update.

As seen before, Monisha grabs the salt and adds it to the dish, but is abruptly interrupted as Harleen slaps her. Harkeen explains that her hand acted on its impulse after seeing Monisha wrong Purvi. She acknowledges that Purvi may be Khushi’s sister, but she cannot overlook what she has done for RV and the rest of us. Soon, Dadu, Dadi, and the others join them at the dining table and Dadu comments that the food looks delicious. Yug, Dadu, and RV ask Purvi to serve them while RV reminds her to serve Dadi first. As Purvi goes to pick up the dish, Harleen stops her saying she found a hair strand in it.

Purvi apologizes saying she didn’t check properly, but Harleen reassures her that it was not her fault. Everyone tastes the food and praises how tasty it is. Dadu blesses Purvi saying it’s truly divine and Yug remarks about her magical hands. He asks Dadi how she likes the dal makhini and Dadi too agrees that it’s good. Dadu playfully encourages his wife to praise him more as he is thoroughly enjoying every bite from Purvi’s cooking.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted:

Monisha tells her mother that Harleen has slapped her. She adds that everything has changed. Her mom doesn’t think Harleen can accept Purvi as her bahu. She asks her to think about it, Harleen didn’t reveal anything to the family. Monisha feels disheartened. Her mom asks her to see the gifts. Monisha thanks her. She says that she will check the gifts later. Later. Monisha comes to RV’s house. She gets reprimanded by RV and his parents. She asks them what did she do. Harleen asks her to stop the drama because everyone has learned everything. She tells them that Monisha added salt to the food to belittle Purvi. Dipika asks Monisha how could she get the snake home.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted

RV says that the snake charmer is caught and he told the truth to the police. They accuse Monisha. She angrily accepts her crime. She says that she is going to marry RV, but Purvi comes in between. Purvi says that she didn’t know about Monisha and RV before. She calls Monisha wrong to risk RV’s life. Monisha calls Purvi the root of all the problems. She asks Purvi to leave the house when she knows the truth now. RV stops Monisha and tells that Purvi won’t go anywhere. He ousts Monisha and shuts the door. Monisha screams and wakes up from the dream. Her mom consoles her. She asks her to get ready to meet RV. RV finds Purvi cleaning the room and following him. He asks her if she likes him so much.

She says that she doesn’t like him and she isn’t following him. He tells her that he will prove it when he gets time. He goes with Yug. Monisha walks into a mall. She sees a couple and lectures them. She learns that a shoot is going on. Harleen reminds Harman about the Jagrata event. He asks Harman to be back home on time. Harman says that he feels tired when he returns from the office and wants to sleep early at night. He doesn’t want to attend the Jagrata. Harleen insists that they attend the function. Purvi runs to give the wallet to RV. RV tells her that she is always after her.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th July 2024 Written Update Monisha ousted

They have a cute banter. The family members watch them and smile. RV says that he will go to the office. Purvi goes to the window and hits RV with almonds. He says that she wants his attention and time. RV and Purvi share a happy moment. Monisha watches them angrily. Yug tells RV that Harman is calling them to share some news. They see the news of Rohitash’s arrest for the charges of molestation. Harman asks RV not to meet Rohitash. RV recalls the molestation blame posed by Khushi on him.


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