Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

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Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked. Nidhi tells Shaurya that Preeta has hurt his self-respect. She assures him that Preeta will leave the house and also from their lives. Rakhi tells Kareena and Kritika that Shaurya is Luthras’ son. She asks how dare Nidhi behave badly with Preeta. Kareena tells Rakhi that the doctor has already warned them, that if Preeta gets compelled to remember the past then she will lose her life. Kritika weeps a lot. Kareena consoles her. She asks the matter. Bani and Mahesh also get worried for Kritika. Kritika tells them that Nidhi has insulted her and said she isn’t a part of the family. Kareena calls Nidhi there and yells at her. She lectures Nidhi.

Bani and Rakhi also rebuke Nidhi for hurting Kritika’s sentiments. Kareena asks Nidhi how dare she belittle Kritika. Bani says that Luthra’s house is Kareena and Kritika’s Maayka and they have a right to it. She adds that daughters and daughters-in-law are treated equally in the family. Nidhi loses her cool when Rakhi wants to inform Karan about Rajveer’s arrest and help the latter.

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Preeta enlists Shaurya’s help in withdrawing the police complaint he filed against Rajveer. Nidhi warns him of potential arrest if he chooses to do so. The Luthras advise Nidhi not to interfere, but she insists that only she cares about Shaurya. Preeta takes hold of Shaurya’s hand and urges him to come with her to the police station. However, Nidhi also grips his other hand and declares that he will not go anywhere. Despite their pleas, Shaurya firmly states that he has no intention of going anywhere. Preeta points out how Nidhi had previously incited Shaurya against Rajveer when she spoke to Aarohi, using his naivety to her advantage. This angers Shaurya, who warns Preeta not to speak ill of Nidhi. She defends herself by professing her love and concern for him, but he dismisses her as being fake. Mahesh intervenes by advising Shaurya to be more respectful towards Preeta, while Kavya reminds him that she is like a mother figure to them. Despite their efforts, Preeta persists in urging Shaurya to withdraw his complaint. He refuses.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked:

Preeta tells Shaurya that he has to come with her to the police station. He asks her why is she claiming her rights on him as if she is his mother. Kavya says that she is Rajveer’s mother. Shaurya asks Kavya to be quiet. He asks Preeta not to give him orders. Preeta tells Shaurya that she regards him as a son and she will force him to come with her to the police station. He refuses to go anywhere. She urges him to take the complaint back. He says that he doesn’t care if Rajveer dies. Rakhi, Kavya, and Mahesh get worried. Preeta angrily slaps Shaurya. Nidhi intervenes to defend Shaurya.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

Shaurya asks Preeta how dare she slap him. She asks him to never say anything bad about Rajveer again. He tells her that she shouldn’t try to become his mother. He doesn’t want to withdraw his complaint. She tells him that he will always let Nidhi manipulate him. She understands that Shaurya and Nidhi are behind Rajveer’s arrest. Shaurya calls it enough. He says that he will not stop himself from losing control. He angrily shuts the door on Preeta’s face. Preeta asks him to open the door and listen to her. Kavya cries for Preeta. Rakhi asks Shaurya to open the door. He threatens to leave the house if anyone helps Preeta.

Nidhi brainwashes Shaurya against Preeta. She says that Preeta is taking advantage of his goodness. She feels Preeta is dancing over their heads because of Karan’s support. Preeta feels bad after slapping Shaurya. Nidhi says that Shaurya is Luthras’ heir and that Preeta has no right to slap him. He tells that he is okay. She asks him not to take it lightly because Preeta has insulted him. Preeta thinks she has taught a lesson to Shaurya when he was wrong. Shaurya asks Nidhi not to panic. He says that scores got even and now Nidhi shouldn’t think of Preeta. Nidhi says that Preeta will come back and claim her rights over Karan and Kavya. She adds that Karan has named the property to Preeta and now she thinks she has a bigger hold on the house. Shaurya agrees with her.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

Preeta says that she tried to explain Shaurya with love, but he didn’t understand. Nidhi asks him not to forgive Preeta. She swears to take revenge on Preeta. She wants to throw out Preeta from their lives. Preeta sobs for Rajveer. She feels bad for Rajveer and Palki. Pakki asks Daljeet to open the door. Preeta calls Palki. She asks Palki about Dadi’s health. Palki says that Dadi is okay now. Preeta tells her that she has slapped Shaurya and she is feeling bad now because Nidhi has provoked Shaurya to make him commit such a mistake. Palki realizes that Preeta isn’t fine. She says that she will come to the Luthra house and meet Preeta. She knows Preeta is emotionally down.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

Palki thinks about how to go out of the room. Rakhi recalls Shaurya and Preeta’s argument. She says that Shaurya doesn’t know that Preeta is his real mother. She pities Preeta. Kareena and Kritika console her. Rakhi says that nothing will get fine if a mother gets no respect in her house. Kareena says that they can’t tell the truth to Preeta, or else she will get stressed and lose her life. She asks Rakhi to tolerate whatever is happening. Rakhi feels hurt. She regrets that Shaurya has been spoilt because of Nidhi’s upbringing. Palki messages Shanaya to get her help. Shanaya agrees to unlock the door and free Palki. She tricks Daljeet and tells that she got a cut on her finger.

Kundali Bhagya 10th July 2024 Written Update Nidhi rebuked

She asks Daljeet to call Palki to do her first aid. Daljeet and Dadi get worried for Palki. Dadi brings Palki out of the room and asks her to attend Shanaya. Palki tells them that Shanaya can die if there is much bleeding. She asks Shanaya to come with her to the hospital. Daljeet agrees to send the girls. Rakhi asks Mahesh why didn’t he do anything. Kareena asks him to save Rajveer from jail. He says that he is helpless and can’t interfere in the legal matter. He adds that just Shaurya or Karan can help Rajveer in this case.


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