Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Ranvijay blasts Vaiju

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Ranvijay blasts Vaiju

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Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th July 2024 Ranvijay blasts Vaiju. Ranvijay approaches Vaiju and she mentions her unawareness about the card’s intended use for the poem. He reassures her by saying that he and Jaya enjoyed it, although he struggles to keep his anger in check. She reminds him of her promise to keep their Jhumri Patan incident confidential. However, Jaya overhears their conversation and inquires about it. Ranvijay and Vaiju become anxious, but Vaiju quickly develops a cover story. She explains that Ranvijay gets upset whenever she brings it up. Ranvijay then takes Jaya away to rest and offers to cook for her since she cannot have khichdi. He mentions making something tasty, prompting Jaya to joke about kissing the chef’s hands.

As he starts cooking, Vaiju hears the noise and finds him in the kitchen. Their roles reverse as she asks him what he is doing there, to which he responds that he’s making food. She offers to help, but he declines saying it isn’t necessary. They both proceed with their respective tasks; Ranvijay cutting onions while Vaiju prepares rotis. Ranvijay brings the food to Jaya, who is delighted by the lovely set up. He asks her to join him and hopes she likes it. She admires the beauty of the scene and enjoys the food. However, Ranvijay’s memory is triggered as he recalls Vaiju’s rotis. Jaya notices his hesitation and accuses him of cheating by having Vaiju make the rotis instead of fulfilling his part in their agreement.

Before Ranvijay can explain, Vaiju appears and he agrees that using her help was indeed cheating. Nevertheless, he proudly presents a dish he made himself – raita – which Jaya finds delicious. They share a smile and Ranvijay claims victory in their challenge, reminding Jaya to fulfill her end of the bargain. She playfully denies remembering what she promised and they embrace happily. In that moment, Vaiju enters with coconut water but accidentally drops a glass, catching their attention. Guilt-ridden, she apologizes while trying to clean up the mess barefooted. Ranvijay scolds her for not wearing slippers and Vaiju looks on sadly.






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