Mangal Lakshmi 10th July 2024 Written Update Adit's arrest

Mangal Lakshmi 10th July 2024 Written Update Adit’s arrest

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Mangal Lakshmi 10th July 2024 Written Update Adit’s arrest. Adit deceives Kusum by claiming he spent the entire night at his friend Sanjay’s house. Upon Kusum’s request, Adit agrees to call Sanjay. However, when Adit makes the call, he speaks with Sowmya using a voice-changing app, pretending to be Sanjay. Worried about Sanjay’s well-being after a previous suicide attempt, Adit asks if he is doing okay now. Grateful for Adit’s support, “Sanjay” promises not to harm himself again. Kusum then takes the phone from Adit and encourages “Sanjay” to stay strong and seek help if needed. Eventually, Kusum ends the call. Adit inquires if Kusum’s suspicion has subsided, as they have been suspecting him.

He then shifts the blame to Mangal, asking if she repeatedly called him to turn Kusum against him. Sudesh and Kusum urge Adit not to confront Mangal. Expressing her frustration, Kusum reveals that Sudesh had a heart attack yesterday and praises Mangal for handling everything alone. Adit checks on Sudesh’s well-being and expresses gratitude towards Mangal for saving him. Before heading to the office, Adit mentions having a lot of work there. In an attempt to discuss money matters with Adit, Mangal is ignored as he leaves. Bhushan suggests to Shanti that they pay a visit to Kusum’s house following Sudesh’s heart attack. However, Shanti declines, citing their previous difficulties in acquiring a bungalow due to Kusum.

Bhushan agrees with her sentiment. In the office, Adit expresses his guilt to Sowmya for not being present during his father’s health crisis. He implores her not to repeat such actions in the future. Tejpal notices Adit and asks him why he is present at work, to which Adit responds that he is feeling better now. Tejpal commends him for his dedication. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Adit’s workplace to arrest him. At the same time, Lakshmi and Karthik visit Adit’s home to inquire about Sudesh’s well-being. Adit is informed by the police that he is being arrested for allegedly providing money to Pappu Yadav, who has accused him of financial fraud and theft amounting to Rs 1 lakh.

Despite Adit’s attempts to explain his innocence, the police disregard his words and proceed to take him into custody. Upon receiving a call from the police station, Mangal is overcome with emotion and immediately breaks down. Concerned for her distress, Karthik and Lakshmi inquire about the situation. Tearfully, Mangal reveals that Adit has been arrested on charges of theft by the authorities.


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