Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara ends 10th July 2024

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara ends 10th July 2024

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Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara ends 10th July 2024. Sachi asserts her claim over her mangalsutra, insisting that Shivam will make her wear it. Sajeeri protests, declaring Shivam as her husband and asking Sachi not to interfere. Sachi accuses Sajeeri of coming between them and asserts that Shivam loves her, not Sajeeri. Sajeeri, shocked and heartbroken, asks Shivam if this is true. His silence confirms Sachi’s claims, and Sajeeri, in tears, leaves the mangalsutra behind.

Nalini finds Sajeeri crying and consoles her. Sajeeri expresses her pain, believing that Shivam loves Sachi and not her. Nalini tries to assure her otherwise. Meanwhile, Sachi approaches Shivam, urging him to declare his love and make her wear the mangalsutra. Shivam takes the mangalsutra from Sachi and seemingly agrees, but leads her outside, claiming they should be together. He reassures her despite Sajeeri and Nalini witnessing their departure.

Sachi eagerly asks if they are going to the temple to marry, but Shivam reveals a different plan. He expresses his love but explains that his family, especially his mother, will never accept her. He suggests a dramatic solution – dying together. Sachi panics, trying to convince him to find another way. As they argue, an electric pole shakes to fall nearby. Shivam insists on their mutual death, saying it’s the only way to be together.

At that moment, Aaji and the others arrive, desperately trying to stop Shivam. Sachi bites Shivam’s hand to escape, but Sajeeri rushes in and pushes Shivam away just as the pole falls, injuring herself. Shivam, horrified, tends to Sajeeri, who asks if he is okay. Aaji demands an explanation for the chaos. In a dramatic confrontation, Shivam reveals Sachi’s true nature, accusing her of selfishness and cowardice. He thanks Sajeeri for her selflessness, acknowledging her as the one who truly loves him. He declares that Sajeeri deserves the mangalsutra and the place in his life. He praises Sajeeri’s clean heart and expresses his newfound love for her, asking Aaji for her support, which she reluctantly gives.

Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara ends 10th July 2024

As the episode concludes, Shivam firmly asks Sachi to leave, supported by the family. Sajeeri, though not questioning Sachi’s actions, advises her to be honest in friendships. Sachi departs, and Shivam completes the episode’s emotional arc by making Sajeeri wear the mangalsutra, affirming their love for each other. The family shares a joyous moment, with everyone, including Aaji, finally accepting Sajeeri as the rightful daughter-in-law. The show Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara ends today on July 10. The show has wrapped up pretty soon. Watch its first promo below.






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