Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Update Pari revolts

Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Update Pari revolts

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Parineetii 10th July 2024 Written Update Pari revolts. Neeti is discussing her plan with Gurinder, explaining that she wants to gauge Sanju’s reaction. In the midst of this, Parineet’s blouse gets snagged on a nail and tears. Suspecting foul play, Parineet decides to change her blouse and attend the anniversary. When Sanju arrives and apologizes for what happened, Parineet reminds him to focus on his wife’s death anniversary, not her. She then changes into a new saree. However, Neeti and Gurinder are disappointed as they know this will make it difficult to find the birthmark on Parineet’s arm during their scheme.

To ensure their plan goes smoothly, Neeti intentionally spills water on Parineet’s dress and apologizes before suggesting that she change outfits. Despite Parineet insisting it is fine, Neeti asks Babli for a new saree and Parineet agrees to wear it. Upon changing into another room known by only her, Parineet reminds everyone to concentrate on the rituals instead of causing more trouble. Neeti tells Gurinder that once Parineet wears that dress, her true intentions will be revealed. Gurinder wonders how Parineet will handle it. Neeti clarifies that she will expose her as Parineet, but she won’t confront them directly.

Just then, Parineet enters wearing an old dress, surprising everyone. Neeti comments that this confirms their suspicions about her identity. Parineet tries to explain herself by saying she is starting over, but Bebe points out that she’s wearing Parineet’s dress, confusing. However, Parineet denies knowing whose dress it is and explains that she simply liked it and wore it. Neeti sees this as an opportunity to prove to everyone that she is indeed Parineet. She confidently tells Gurpreet about the mole on her back, and Parineet storms off in anger while Neeti follows her to continue their argument. Sanju attempts to intervene, but Neeti becomes visibly upset.

She expresses frustration that he doesn’t believe her. Despite Sanju’s insistence that she is Parvati, Neeti insists that she is Parineet. Scolding her for overstepping boundaries, Sanju reiterates that she is indeed Parvati. Just then, Ambika arrives on the scene, disappointed by Neeti’s behavior. Parineet thanks her mother for coming and recounts the incident to her. She accuses Neeti of trying to expose a mole on her arm by tricking her into wearing a sleeveless blouse. However, Neeti maintains that the mole is still there and she will reveal it. Ambika sternly tells Neeti to stay away from her daughter and adds that she never expected such low tactics from her. Feeling hurt and betrayed by Neeti’s actions, Parineet questions their supposed friendship and suspects that Neeti may even be responsible for his wife’s death.

Shocked by this revelation, both Neeti and Sanju are at a loss for words as Parineet vows to destroy everything in his life. Ambika joins in and calls out Neeti as a disgusting and immoral person. Neeti requests Sanju to listen to her, but he refuses, claiming that she is trying to sabotage her. Later, Ambika comforts Gurpreet and assures her that she can visit her daughter whenever she feels down. She also informs them about a strike happening at the London factory. As we are about to leave, Gurpreet asks Parineet to stay for a few more minutes. Amid Neeti and Sanju’s argument, Parineet overhears Sanju’s harsh words towards Neeti and reminds him that their deal is now officially canceled due to his behavior.


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