Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Update Subhan's mockery

Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Update Subhan’s mockery

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Rabb Se Hai Dua 10th July 2024 Written Update Subhan’s mockery. Kaynaat shows Mannat a video, pointing out that Subhan and Ibadat are now together. She is taken aback, as she never would have thought Gazal’s daughter would be the one to carry on their family legacy. Kaynaat believes that they will have a happy life ahead of them. However, Mannat quickly reminds her that she alone has the right to Subhan and will not allow Ibadat to live with him. Meanwhile, Hameeda and Dua can’t help but smile at Ibadat as she searches for Subhan. They playfully tease her until he finally appears and begins flirting with her in front of everyone, making them all laugh. As Ibadat asks for her phone back, Subhan runs off with it while being chased by her.

Hameeda remarks that despite being married, they still act like children. Dua takes joy in hearing laughter returning to their household once again. Hafeez then suggests that someone should advise Subhan not to share private videos in the group chat again. Hameeda asks who will be brave enough to tell him to stop his relentless romancing, while Dua suggests Sufi may be the right person for the job. Kaynaat tells Mannat not to let Subhan fall in love with Ibadat because he will only end up losing his son, while Mannat will lose her life. However, Mannat reassures them that she will not allow this to happen as Subhan belongs to her. Kaynaat and Gulnaaz urge Mannat to take some action.

Determined, Mannat makes a mental note to investigate what is going on between Subhan and Ibadat. Unfortunately, Hameeda overhears their conversation and assumes that Mannat is trying to steal Subhan away from Ibadat before their relationship even begins. She sees Mannat as another Gazal who caused pain in Dua’s life. Hameeda knows she must stop Mannat at all costs and prevent Ibadat from experiencing the same heartache as Dua did. While all this is happening, Subhan checks Ibadat’s phone and realizes she has downloaded a video that should have been deleted. Embarrassed, Ibadat closes the washroom door behind her. Ibadat begs him to open the door, but he claims to be taking a bath. He accuses her of having ulterior motives for wanting to enter and she denies it.

He then requests that she promise not to get too close to him, while she remains silent. Upon checking his phone, Subhan realizes that Mannat did not download the video in question. Deciding to return the phone to her, he is threatened by Ibadat not to tell Hameeda. As Subhan arrives, he notices Mannat watching them and decides to pretend that they are being romantic before she storms off in anger. Ibadat is left confused about Subhan’s actions. Later on, Ibadat is surprised when Mannat appears in her room and attempts to talk with her about the situation. However, Hameeda interrupts and takes Ibadat away, causing embarrassment as everyone stares at her without revealing why. Eventually, Mannat takes Ibadat aside and brings up the topic of the baby before disclosing that Subhan has announced their first night, leaving Ibadat shocked.


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