Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 Sayali badly caught up

Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 Sayali badly caught up

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Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 Sayali badly caught up. Sayali and Sachin share a moment of happiness. He expresses his admiration for her newfound independence and suggests celebrating with a cake. She declines, but he insists and takes out some laddoos to improvise a cake. After enjoying it, she mentions telling her mother about her financial situation and how she plans to support their family. Sachin becomes emotional and explains that he doesn’t want her money, but she can keep it to pay off his debts. He storms off, frustrated that she doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of their shared financial struggles. Sayali follows him and tries to explain that supporting him also means supporting his debts.

Paresh requests Renu that she refrain from troubling Sayali. Renu reveals that Sayali does not show her respect because of Paresh’s actions. However, Paresh reminds her that respect is earned through giving it. He points out that Sayali always gives proper respect to Renu. Sachin asks for a red shirt, to which Sayali directs him to check his cupboard. He suggests that Tejas may have taken it instead. Renu rushes to prevent Sachin from disturbing Tejas, but he insists on going anyway. She worries about him waking others up, but he assures her that “lazy” Tejas is still sleeping. She disagrees and tries to explain, but Sachin dismisses her concerns.

Paresh intervenes and suggests that Sayali give Sachin another shirt and bring him along for breakfast instead. Graciously, Sayali agrees and serves everyone breakfast, including Sachin’s favorite pakodas with tea. In an attempt to assert herself as the main decision-maker of the household, Renu questions if they always have to cater to Roshni’s preferences for food. However, Sachin reassures her that they can eat whatever she makes without any complaints. Sachin pokes fun at Roshni. He boasts about the delicious breakfast Sayali prepared and teases Tejas for simply drinking juice. He then asks Sayali to pack his meal for him and she turns to Renu for confirmation. Seeing the food, Renu stares disapprovingly while Sachin announces that he must leave as he is running late.

Roshni comments on Sachin’s strong support for Sayali, but Renu dismisses him as unreliable and only obedient to his father and grandmother. Sayali overhears their conversation. She worries about Sachin learning Sudhakar’s truth and losing faith in her. Sayali’s fears turn true when Sachin learns the truth. He is disappointed that Sayali has hidden the truth from him, knowing how desperate he is to search for the culprit. He feels Sayali broke his trust and gets heartbroken. Will Sachin and Sayali’s delicate relationship end before forming up? Keep reading.


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