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TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers… Ishq SubhanAllah:
Nilofer gets trapped by Wasim. She tries to run away. She reaches the exit and sees someone else. She quickly hides. Miraj planned to trap Zara in the trouble, but his plan failed. When Miraj comes there, he thinks he has got Zara captive. He gets a huge shock when he finds Nilofer in Zara’s place. They get into an argument. On the other hand, Zara’s dad asks Kabeer not to come in Qazi’s words, since Qazi will get troubles in his marriage. Kabeer agrees to Qazi just for the sake of the project funding. He takes up the decision to defend the case in Shariah board. Kabeer and Zara discuss the case in front of the Shariah board. Zara blames Wasim for not being a good husband. Kabeer supports her and proves evidence for her statement, as he has met Wasim personally. Zara gets happy that Kabeer is on her side in this case.

Savitri Devi:

Veer executes a plan and puts Dr. Kabir in problem. The patient’s family scolds Dr. Kabir for his negligence. Sanchi learns about the big problem. She goes to ask the matter from the parents of the patient. She gets to see the x-ray reports, where she finds a surgical instrument left inside the patient’s stomach. She gets a huge shock. She asks Dr. Kabir how could he make such a big mistake. Dr. Kabir manages the matter. She then realizes that this happened because of Veer. Veer has committed this blunder. Dr. Kabir takes the blame on himself, so that Veer gets saved. He doesn’t want Sanchi to get stressed or hurt because of Veer’s problems. Dr. Kabir loves Sanchi and doesn’t want her to get any tension.


Amar asks Meera not to accept Vivaan. Dolly supports Meera and Vivaan. Amar has told them not to keep any relation with Vivaan. He learns that Dolly has gone to meet Vivaan and help him out. He gets angry that Dolly went against him, and ends his relation of twenty five years. He shocks Dolly by doing their relation’s Shraddh. Meera finds Dolly breaking down. She supports Dolly. Amar tells Meera that Dolly has to pay for her mistake, all this is happening just because of Vivaan.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gets into a dilemma, after bearing all the humiliation. She prays that she isn’t tested more by fate. Sahil meets her. She doesn’t want to Sahil to get affected by her bad fate. She asks Sahil to stay away from her, as she is unlucky. She tells them that people have told the truth, she has become a widow twice. He asks her not to say wrong about herself, she isn’t unlucky. She gets dizzy. He holds Vedika and consoles her. Vedika falls in trauma because of the society’s taunts. Vedika gets stomach ache. Sahil rushes her to hospital to get her treated. Sahil takes care of Vedika and her coming child.

Krishna Chali London:
Shukla gets unwell. He suddenly gets a heart attack. Entire family get worried for Shukla. Shukla tells them that he isn’t able to breath. Gajanan rushes Shukla to the hospital. Shukla misses Radhe, whom he dearly loves. Shukla can’t bear the sorrow of separation. Krishna and Radhe aren’t aware of this shocking news. Shukla does the heart attack drama to call Radhe back home. Radhe and Krishna live at Saajan’s house. Radhe misses his family and weeps. Krishna supports him and understands his sorrow.

Roop and Ishika meet in the college and get arguing the same way like they do every day. Roop likes Ishika, as she is equal to him. He apologizes to her for coming to her house. He explains her that he acted drunk to save her. She doesn’t believe him. She gets angry on him. He tries hard to convince her. She doesn’t listen, and he gets upset. He tells her that he wants to stay away from over judgmental people. He taunts Ishika. He asks her not to judge anyone without thinking well.

There will be a seven year leap in the show. Anjor tries to help someone. She stops an ambulance on the way and asks the doctor to help the needy. Anjor’s tale will be a replay of Chakor’s childhood. Imli joins Gumaan. They both change Aazaadgunj residents into their bandhua again.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja targets Surbhi to make her confess crimes. Pooja, Naren and Danish play this ghost drama to ge the important file. Pooja is trying hard to get the file. She checks all the rooms, but don’t get the file. She wants to keep trying till she gets clues to expose Angraj. Surbhi gets too scared by Naren’s ghost.

Muskaan gets kidnapped. Aarti doubts that Tabassum is behind this. She reaches the goons with Shweta. She buys a gun from the goons. She gets helpless. The goon teaches her how to shoot. Shweta encourages Aarti to shoot her enemies and save Muskaan. Aarti loses her senses. She is ready to take any desperate move in order to save Muskaan. Aarti reaches Tabassum and scolds her for selling Muskaan. She tells that she can take Kaali avatar to get her daughter out of the black world. She threatens of killing Tabassum, if Muskaan’s future gets at stake.

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