Ishqbaaz: Shivay to line up surprises for Anika

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to get caged by past incidents

Anika learns Sahil is unwell, and runs home to check on him. She asks Gauri why is it so dark at home, where is Sahil. She says Sahil’s friends informed me about Sahil’s illness. Anika gets delighted when the lights get on. She happens to see Shivay bringing up the special thing for her. Shivay surprises Anika on her birthday. Omkara helps Gauri in the birthday preparations. They come closer while helping Shivay. Shivay gives the beautiful surprise to Anika, which she never imagined. She asks him if he has done everything for her. He tells her that he wants to keep his promise of giving her happiness. He wishes her for her birthday. She gets glad. He makes her birthday very special and memorable. He gives her a yellow rose and tells her that he wants to become her friend. Anika accepts the rose and his friendship. Gauri, Omkara and Priyanka wish Anika as well. Shivay makes Anika’s aunt apologize to Anika and Gauri.

Aunt does this on Shivay’s command. Anika forgives her aunt and hugs her. She shows a big heart. Aunt tells Anika that this house also belongs to her, and it will always remain her Maayka, she can come anytime she wants and live with them. Shivay wants to return everything to Anika, which he snatched from her. Aunt apologizes to Anika for holding wrong opinion about her and torturing her. Aunt turns into a positive woman just because of Shivay’s powerful threatening. He had warned the aunt against hurting Anika’s heart again. He has told her aunt to behave positive with Anika, else she will be ousted from the city. He has fixed Anika and her aunt’s relation. Shivay puts efforts to make Anika happy.

Shivay finds Sahil dancing and falling down. He runs to help Sahil, which impresses Anika. Everyone happily celebrates Anika’s birthday. Shivay tells Anika that he has another surprise for her, he has to clean her image in her neighborhood. He defends Anika and wants everyone not to humiliate her again. He says you all insulted Anika a lot, she stayed silent, not to hide her mistake, but to cover up my mistake.

She didn’t reveal my mistake and took all the blames on herself. He tells everyone that Anika is innocent and deserves just the best in her life. He tells them that Anika’s respect will mean his respect, if she cries because of them, he will wipe her tears later, but tackle the person who made her cry first. He threatens the people and asks them never to speak a word against his wife. Anika gets emotional and realizes Shivay is really regretting for his mistakes, whatever he has done was in anger. Anika forgives Shivay completely, knowing how he has risked his life and stood under the rain, when he has a critical heart condition. She swears that she will start afresh and have friendship with Shivay. He wants to give her much happiness. Shivay and Anika’s journey will begin. More of their love, romance and togetherness will be seen. Omkara and Gauri’s love story begins. Priyanka gets happy for Omkara and Gauri’s growing friendship. Omkara gets impressed by Gauri’s bold avatar.

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