Ishqbaaz: Shivay to gift divorce papers on Anika’s birthday

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika's mesmerizing moments

In Ishqbaaz, Shivay turns sweet towards Anika. He acts happily surprised on meeting her at the temple. Khanna gets the bouquet for her, which was left in the car. Anika questions Shivay about it. Shivay gets speechless and tells her that he has got the bouquet for God. Anika finds him really strange. She tells the pandit that Shivay does the unthinkable. He controls his anger on Khanna as he had to give the flowers to the pandit for the temple, instead Anika because of Khanna’s mistake. He finds Khanna foolish and asks him to go. He asks Anika to pick a flower from the bouquet. When she picks a red rose, he asks her to pick the yellow one, as it signifies friendship. His behavior gets more weird. She ponders over his terrible colour sense. He asks her if he can fix the rose to her hair.

Shivay and Anika have a moment. He feels bonding with her like before. He gets happy on seeing the sindoor in her hairline. Nikhil finds them together at the temple and stoops low to insult Anika. He tries to ruin her dignity by his dirty statements, which rages Shivay.

Shivay gets angry on Nikhil, who calls Anika just a lover and mistress of Shivay. Anika turns upset on her birthday, which angers Shivay. She tells him that he can’t shut up everyone, as he is the one who has given her the mistress tag. She turns away from him and goes. Shivay plans to rectify all his mistakes. He surprises her with a beautiful birthday party. Anika gets pleased with him once again.

Shivay’s charm starts working on him. He tells her that he always does the unthinkable, he wanted to celebrate her birthday by all his heart. He threatens Anika’s aunt to fill some sense in her mind. He makes Anika’s aunt apologize to Anika and accept her heartily. Anika forgives her aunt and agrees to go back home with her. Shivay gets happy with Anika’s smile. Anika gets happy when she finds Shivay caring for Sahil. Gauri gets outspoken and goes to Omkara to talk on a matter privately. He doesn’t get any clues. She thanks him for being so helpful in setting Anika and Shivay’s life. She tells him that she wanted to thank him and also know a big secret about him, about his lovely hair. Omkara didn’t expect Gauri to ask him about his amazing hair secret. He was feeling if Gauri will come up with any confession of her heart.

Shivay tells Anika that his last surprise is still there. He takes Anika outside her house and calls the entire neighborhood. He tells them that Anika is innocent and she wasn’t at any fault, she was covering up someone else’s fault. He tells them that Anika’s dignity will mean his own dignity, and he won’t spare anyone tarnishing their dignity.

He asks the people if they have to come up with any other taunt again. He warns them against hurting Anika’s sentiments. Anika turns emotional. Shivay tells Anika that none will bring disgrace for her again. He wants her to live her life happily and the way she likes. She likes all the surprises set by Shivay. He takes her for the cake cutting. She tells him that she will always remember her birthday because of him. He makes a wish for her happiness. He doesn’t know what to name their friendship, is it love or not. Anika cuts the cake and shares the happy moment with him. She thanks him for returning her lost respect and family back. He apologizes for snatching so much from her.

He tells her that he wants to return her mental peace again. He decides to free her from the forced relation. He gifts her divorce papers, which leaves her shocked. He tells her that he wants to rectify his mistake, since she doesn’t want to keep the forced relationship. He asks her to live her life and decide everything. He is happy to stay as her friend. Anika can’t believe that he has gifted her divorce papers. She understands Shivay’s intentions, but didn’t know that he will take her rejection this way that their relation doesn’t stand any chance. Will Anika come up with a love confession? Keep reading.

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