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High Five spoilers…Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika and Sahil’s story will get a short leap. Vedika stays in an old age home. She imagines Sahil with her. Vedika and Sahil have sweet moments in her dream. Vedika misses Sahil. Badi Amma instigates Sahil to hate Vedika. She has poisoned the water, consumed by Anjana. She has killed Anjana only to put the blame on Vedika. She doesn’t want Sahil to run after Vedika. She succeeds finding him annoyed with Vedika. She wants to separate them. Sahil gets shattered with Anjana’s death. He gets in bigger problem when he learns about Vedika’s arrest. Vedika gets arrested for the false allegation. Sahil meets her in the jail and asks her what’s the truth she is hiding. He shouts to break her silence, but she doesn’t speak up. She is hiding Badi Amma’s truth.


Aditya has madly fallen in love with Zoya. He has all his attention on Zoya. He wants Zoya to realize her feelings as well. Zoya is focussing on her career and the event management company Zosh. She is happy to organize Mr. and Mrs. Hooda’s anniversary party. Zoya and Aditya plan many surprises for the couple. Mr. Hooda dances with his wife and expresses his love. The couple gets in to limelight.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Nandini and Kunal have realized their love for each other, and shatter with the realization, since they can’t hurt Mauli in any way. Kunal and Mauli return home from the accident site. Nandini finds them drained down emotionally. Kunal just recollects Nandini’s love confession and stays away from her with a motive to end his feelings. Mauli stays in fear which she just experienced. Nandini finds Mauli crying and gets too worried. She asks Mauli what’s the matter that is breaking her down. Mauli gets Nandini’s shoulder to weep on. Nandini consoles Mauli. Mauli shares her problem with Nandini.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay sheds tears finding Bulbul in a critical state. He gets emotional and asks Bulbul to get back to him. Bulbul recovers. She gets back to life because of Vijay’s true love’s call. Vijay vows to protect Bulbul from Mandira. Mandira plans to celebrate Teej with Vijay. She wishes Vijay behaves normal and keeps her happiness. He gets rude to her once again. He doesn’t like the Teej celebrations at home. She is happy to get Vijay by any means. She insists him to celebrate Teej, as its their first Teej after marriage. She wants him to accept her as wife in front of everyone. He gets helpless and agrees to her. Mandira thinks Bulbul is dead. The family plans to scare Mandira about the ghost. They want Mandira to confess the crime and get punished for her crimes.


Roop participates in hospitality competition, where Ishika is the judge. She gives him low scores. Roop dances for Ishika. He gets ready to please her. He gives her roses, but she gets hurt by thorns. She doesn’t like the roses and drops it. He puts more efforts to please her. Their attitude bash goes on. He doesn’t lose and apologizes to her.


Shivay becomes a cook for Anika. He prepares food for her. He gets busy in the morning. Priyanka and Omkara like Shivay working in the kitchen for Anika’s sake. Shivay covers up his move and tells them that he is cooking the food for himself, since he is very hungry. They joke and tease Shivay. They encourage Shivay to keep trying and get Anika home. Shivay follows the recipe and makes Anika’s favorite dish just to impress her. Shivay is doing everything to win her heart. Omkara tells Shivay that he will surely win Anika’s love, as Shivay’s love is evident by his efforts.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Niyati get a huge shock when they witness Shreya’s accident. Shreya gives up her life while saving her daughter Chiku’s life. Falguni calls up Suyash there. Shreya makes Falguni promise that she will look after Chiku as her own daughter. Falguni promises that she will never have her own child. Shreya breathes her last. Falguni gets heartbroken when Chiku blames her for Shreya’s death. She tries to change Chiku’s dislike. Uttara gets fed up of Chiku and asks Suyash to send her to any boarding school. Falguni opposes Uttara’s decision and takes up Chiku’s responsibility.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Manish gets raging at Kartik and asks him to end the marriage soon to bring everyone at peace. He tells Kartik that he will ask the court to grant the divorce to Kartik soon. During their argument, Naira and her family enters the Goenka house. Naira gets heartbroken, being mistaken that even Manish wants the divorce to finish off soon. Everyone prays that Kartik and Naira don’t sign the divorce papers. Kartik calls the lawyers home. Kartik and Naira sign the divorce papers to officially end their marriage, shocking the entire family.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Kabeer and Zara face more problems. They both try to sort the problems with their parents, who give their opinion on Nikaah Halala. Kabeer and Zara have a heated argument. Kabeer gets so angry that he doesn’t dine at home and leaves. Kabeer believes that Zara is going against the old customs, while she wants to fulfill her duty and fight for the rights of women. Kabeer and Zara will get distant by their clash of opinions again.

Soumya takes a kinnar avatar again. Soumya wants to tell Nani that she is a kinnar, and can never become a mother. She is fed up with Nani’s growing expectations every day. She tells Preeto that she has taken the kinnar avatar to express the truth to Nani. Preeto advises her not to do this. Soumya tells Preeto that they will be hurting Nani more by their lies, Nani has a right to know the truth, else she will feel cheated when someone else tells her the truth. She gets courage to go to Nani and reveal the shocking truth.

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