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    Know Upcoming On Star… Krishna Chali London: Radhe gets sidelined by Prashant’s coming. Radhe asks Dubey and Bua to return the money to Prashant and send him away. Dubey tells him that Prashant is not a stranger. Radhe tells Dubey that he has got the money and kept his promise made to Krishna, why do they need to take money from someone else. Dubey asks Radhe to let him decide few things. Bua tells Radhe that Shukla can get Dubey arrested again by any theft blame if they take the money from him. Shukla gets angry and summons Radhe and Krishna. Krishna gets upset again because of him. She becomes Shukla’s puppet. She agrees to leave Dubey in that state and go with Radhe.

    Mayavi Maling:

    Pranali goes confronting Angad’s wife. They both argue and get into a sword fight. Pranali realizes that Angad’s wife is some Mayavi, who has regrown her cut hand. She tells Angad that his wife isn’t the Queen. He gets angry on Pranali when his wife complains that Pranali has attacked her. Pranali tries to open his eyes.

    Angad’s wife tells him that Pranali has saved her from the attacker. She lies to Angad. Pranali wants Angad to recollect their love. She feels bad seeing his love and concern for his wife. She wonders why did his wife save her form the punishment. Angad gives her a reward for her gift. She feels Madhumali is the reason for her sorrows and difficulties.

    Arak takes a disguise and comes back to the palace. He tells Angad that nobody was letting him inside the palace. Angad laughs on Arak. He doesn’t believe that Arak is his brother. Maling gets surrounded by Madhumali’s magical cover on the island. Arak gets thrown out of the palace. He meets Chegu, and tells him about Angad not recognizing him. Chegu wonders what’s happening in Maling. He asks Arak why Angad didn’t identify him. Arak tells him that something is definitely wrong in Maling palace.

    Chegu suspects that Angad is up to some foul play again. He feels Shil Aditya and his family are in trapped by Angad, who wants to reign the throne. Pranali deduces that Angad’s wife is not a human, but an illusion to trick him. She reaches Angad to make him see the truth. Angad and Pranali get into a moment. Pranali wants him to remember their love. Angad’s wife challenges Pranali of snatching Angad from him forever.


    In Ishqbaaz, Shivay turns sweet towards Anika. He acts happily surprised on meeting her at the temple. Khanna gets the bouquet for her, which was left in the car. Anika questions Shivay about it. Shivay gets speechless and tells her that he has got the bouquet for God. Anika finds him really strange. She tells the pandit that Shivay does the unthinkable. He controls his anger on Khanna as he had to give the flowers to the pandit for the temple, instead Anika because of Khanna’s mistake. He finds Khanna foolish and asks him to go. He asks Anika to pick a flower from the bouquet. When she picks a red rose, he asks her to pick the yellow one, as it signifies friendship. His behavior gets more weird. She ponders over his terrible colour sense. He asks her if he can fix the rose to her hair.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    The family breaks down with Mrs. Bhalla’s confession that she has poisoned Ishita. The family can’t believe such a shocking twist. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she has fed the poison to Ishita for a purpose, as Ishita is harmful for the baby. The family asks her how can she take such a mad step. She asks them to punish her. Raman asks her if Parmeet is blackmailing her into admitting this crime. He scolds Parmeet for planning this. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she has done everything to save baby Adi. Raman asks her who has filled this poison in her mind, Ishita loves children and can never harm them. The family gets angry on Mrs. Bhalla for killing Ishita by her sudden hatred.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Manish gets angry on Kartik for his drunken incident. He asks Kartik if he isn’t aware of his parents’ sorrow. He tells Kartik that he won’t like to live this way, as he has lost Shubham due to his addiction. He asks Kartik to realize his responsibilities towards the family and not be so selfish. He asks him not to be self-centric and think for his dad, who can’t fight with the situation for more. He tells Kartik that he never depended on alcohol, when he faced Kartik’s hatred. Manish gets too emotional and begs Kartik to return him his son. He asks Kartik not to get away from everyone’s hearts, he can’t lose out in life. Suwarna tells Kartik that Naira’s love made him weak.

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