Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Lovely turns inequitable towards Kulfi

Lovely dislikes Kulfi

Lovely finally uncovers the big twist that Kulfi is Sikander and Nimrat’s daughter. She decides to do anything to save Amyra’s future. Tevar goes to confront Lovely about Amyra, who is Lovely and his daughter. Lovely lies to Tevar about Amyra being Sikandar’s daughter. He doesn’t get convinced, as he already knows the truth. Lovely gets mad in anger and prepares a poisonous drink for Amyra. She then threatens Dadi and Mohendar of poisoning Amyra. She asks them not to get any thought of revealing Kulfi’s truth to Sikander. Sikandar gets Kulfi home and cheers her up. He bonds with Kulfi like never before, and gets her some new dresses. Sikandar sings along with Kulfi and rejoices the fact that she is a girl. He loves her as his own daughter.

Kulfi sings a song to cheer up Sikandar. She gives him flowers. He is in a bad mood after his argument with Lovely. Lovely tags him to be a bad father, which breaks his heart. He wants to be a good father to both Amyra and Kulfi.

Sikandar wanted to go with Kulfi to her village, but the music director Lalwani has stopped him by threatening him about cancelling the contract. Lovely has employed Lalwani to stop Sikandar from going for his personal work. Sikandar gets troubled with Amyra and Kulfiā€™s clash. Amyra is jealous of Kulfi, while Kulfi is ready to do anything for Amyra selflessly. Sikandar sympathizes with Kulfi, finding her a pure soul, unlike his own daughter Amyra.

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