Shocking twist: Ishita to wake up from the dead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Shocking twist in YHM

The family breaks down with Mrs. Bhalla’s confession that she has poisoned Ishita. The family can’t believe such a shocking twist. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she has fed the poison to Ishita for a purpose, as Ishita is harmful for the baby. The family asks her how can she take such a mad step. She asks them to punish her. Raman asks her if Parmeet is blackmailing her into admitting this crime. He scolds Parmeet for planning this. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she has done everything to save baby Adi. Raman asks her who has filled this poison in her mind, Ishita loves children and can never harm them. The family gets angry on Mrs. Bhalla for killing Ishita by her sudden hatred.

Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she believed the fortune teller Swati, who told her about Ishita’s bad influence. Raman tells her that he will call Swati home right away and question her. Parmeet asks Raman to take Ishita for the final rites. Raman gets angry on Parmeet’s worse advice. Kiran takes care of Pihu, and stays worried for Ishita’s safety. Raman summons the tantric and asks her how could he get Ishita killed. Swati lies to him that she didn’t tell Mrs. Bhalla to poison Ishita. She asks Raman to solve his family mess. Raman doesn’t spare her and tells her that he will prove his crime. The family vents out anger on Swati and calls police. Swati gets scared and admits the truth to the family, that she has done everything on Parmeet’s command, she has made Mrs. Bhalla kill Ishita.

Raman and Bala tell her that she will be going jail for this murder. Parmeet and Simmi get caught. They face the family wrath. Raman asks Parmeet about his evil. Parmeet reveals to them that he has really made this plan, but Mrs. Bhalla did this murder, she will go to the jail. He boasts of his master plans thinking Ishita is really dead. Ishita wakes up and tells Parmeet that he will be going to jail. The family reveals that this was their plan to catch him red-handed.

Ishita tells Parmeet that she is alive, and was just playing this game to make him admit this truth. Mrs. Bhalla tells them that she can never do any such crime, even if someone pressurizes or scares her. Raman and Ishita break the truth, how Mrs. Bhalla told them about Swati’s prediction about baby Adi. Ishita opens her eyes and makes her get rid of her false beliefs.

She asks Mrs. Bhalla not to believe any tantric or Godwoman, who is really fraud. Raman knew that Parmeet has planned this to kill Ishita, and made this counter plan to expose him. Raman tells Simmi that Parmeet has brainwashed her and using her against her own family. He asks Simmi to open her eyes and see Parmeet’s evil face. Raman doesn’t want Simmi to get punished, since he believes there is still a chance to reform her. Parmeet puts the entire blame on Simmi. He uses Simmi as a shield to escape, and breaks her heart.

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