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TR’s Quick Reads… Piyaa Albela: Supriya falls ill. Pooja tries to rescue Naren. Supriya and Neelima get attacked. They both get bed-ridden. Pooja is stressed as she isn’t able to find Naren anywhere. Many strange things are happening in the house. Pooja finds Harish taking Naren’s belongings to the ashram. Pooja suspects that Naren is inside the trunk, since she sees his kurta popping out of the trunk. When she goes to check the trunk, Surbhi stops her and asks her to meet Supriya, who is getting critical. Pooja misses to see Naren. Naren is taken out of the house. Pooja gets sad and tries hard to find him. Supriya thinks Pooja can’t look after Naren.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

After Mansi leaves from her marriage, KaiRa track Mansi inside the house, knowing nobody has seen her leaving from the house. They find Mansi in storeroom, and explain her that all the marriages don’t have the same fate. They convince Mansi for marrying Anmol. They finally get Mansi to the mandap. Mansi and Anmol exchange Jaimala. Their marriage happens by all the rituals. The marriage function turns too dramatic. Mansi and Anmol get everyone’s blessings. Kartik and Naira get recollecting their marriage moments and togetherness. They get upset with their breaking relation. The cash goes missing from the Shagun plate. Kartik blames Rukmani for this.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Anjana agrees for Sahil and Vedika’s marriage. She meets Vedika with the Shagun of Sahil’s alliance. Vedika agrees to marry Sahil. Anjana dies by the poison of Badi Amma. She gets a heart attack and falls down the stairs. In no time, she dies. Sahil sees Anjana taking her last breath. Badi Amma calls media and police there. She blames Vedika for Anjana’s death and gets her arrested. Vedika’s dreams of accepting Sahil’s love ends because of this incident. Sahil also believes that Vedika is wrong this time, as Badi Amma lays such a trap to separate Sahil and Vedika.

Tu Aashiqui:

Rangoli lies to Ahaan about Vivek. She blackmails Vivek and makes him vacate his own house so that Pankti can be proved as a liar in front of Ahaan. Rangoli weeps and shares her love story with Ahaan. She tells him how madly she was in love with Vivek and even shared her stardom with him, but Vivek wasn’t happy with her love. Vivek gets enough of Rangoli’s madness. He sends her a threatening letter and asks her to mend her ways, else he will really expose her to the world. Rangoli doesn’t show the letter to Ahaan and cooks up another story to keep up her lie.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar teaches Kulfi and Amyra about independence day and the great freedom fighters. Kulfi takes much interest in knowing the stories of the freedom fighters. Amyra falls asleep while he tells Kulfi about Bhagat Singh and others. Sikandar sees Amyra sleeping and makes her sleep properly. Sikandar gets upset with Kulfi. She apologizes to him. She sings for him once again and convinces him. He doesn’t want Kulfi to lend her voice to Amyra in the concert. She tells him that she doesn’t care for giving credit to Amyra, she will just watch him singing on the stage.

Shivay divorces Anika just to give her deserved happiness and freedom. She was happy in the moment she was living with Shivay on her birthday. She didn’t wish anything to change and was thinking to give her marriage a chance. Shivay recollects that Anika doesn’t believe in forced relationships. He tells Anika that he has decided to free her and there can’t be any better gift than divorce for her. Anika gets too upset. She understands that he has taken this step on her saying only. She still shares her grief with Gauri. Gauri asks her if she will sign the divorce papers. Anika agrees to sign the papers thinking everything got over between Shivay and her. Shivay feels uneasy after this big step, like he is losing something precious.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Parmeet gets into a fight with Raman and Ishita. Raman bashes him. Parmeet doesn’t give up and tries hard to kill them. He shoots Raman at his arm. Ishita gets shocked when Raman gets shot. She asks Raman not to fight further, his arm is bleeding. Raman and Ishita get more stronger and fight with Parmeet.

Anjor makes a wish to Imli. She smartly asks for her rights to study in the school, so that she can get the power of education in her hands. Anjor’s wish stuns Gumaan and Imli. Imli manages the matter and promises Anjor that she will be allowed to study in the district school. Gumaan gets unhappy with the changes brought by Anjor. He can’t accept his defeat to a little girl. Imli and Gumaan bite the dust by Anjor’s hands. Anjor resembles Chakor, and reminds both of them of Chakor’s high spirits and bravery.

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