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High Five Spoilers… Jiji Maa:
Falguni smartly fails the terrorist’s plan. She gets honored. Everyone feels proud of Falguni. Falguni has saved everyone’s lives. Chiku stays upset with Falguni. Suyash wants Chiku to accept Falguni as her mother. Chiku can’t give Shreya’s place to Falguni. Jayant and Uttara get praising Falguni for her brave act. Vidhaan also appreciates Falguni. Chiku falls down while running. Falguni cares for her, but Chiku asks her to stay away. Suyash looks after Chiku. He tells Falguni that he will look after Chiku till he succeeds to resolve her hatred for Falguni. Falguni decides to win Chiku’s heart. Suyash asks Chiku to understand that Falguni loves her a lot. Falguni tells Suyash that she wants to visit Siddhi Vinayak. Suyash likes her wish and books her tickets. He insists that he will come along. She wants to visit a hospital and get her operation done.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik and Ananya meet in the cocktail party. He unwillingly dances with Ananya. He is in love with Palak. His family wants him to marry Ananya. Everyone enjoys the dance performances in the function. Rithvik doesn’t get happy. He stays upset with the marriage functions and parties. He misses Palak and looks for her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sameer and Naina will be seen having a retro dance. Naina’s marriage with Sharad breaks. This brings happiness for Sameer. He dreams romancing Naina and dancing with her on retro songs. The dream sequence will bring good moments of Sameer and Naina. He misses Naina. He is happy with the good news that Naina isn’t marrying Sharad. He gets new hopes of his union with Naina.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar gets much upset with Amyra, knowing she had sent Kulfi to David. He can’t believe that Amyra’s jealousy got so high that she has put Kulfi in such a big risk. He feels guilty and wants Amyra to realize that she has done a big mistake. Amyra is asked to apologize to Kulfi. Amyra gets angry on Kulfi again. Sikandar hugs Kulfi and Amyra. He tells them that he loves them equally. Kulfi convinces Sikandar to sing in the concert.


Nandini cooks food and serves everyone. She asks Mauli about Kunal. Kunal skips his dinner to avoid Nandini. He gets enough of his feeling bolt. He doesn’t want to face Nandini further. Nandini gets affected when Kunal avoids her. She feels like crying and turns upset. She stays normal and controls her sorrowful emotions in front of Mauli. Nandini also skips her dinner and misses Kunal. She goes away and punishes herself for falling for Kunal. She sits under the shower and shivers with cold.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika gives birth to her son. She becomes a helpless mother. She runs away from her enemies to save her new born baby. Badi Amma wants to snatch the baby from Vedika. Everyone knows that the baby belongs to Sahil. Vedika also learnt this truth just before her delivery. She cries on the fate which also brings Sahil and her together. Sahil gets drunk and walks on the road expressed his mixed emotions for Vedika. He loves and hates Vedika as well. He isn’t aware of the child and Vedika’s problems. Sahil vents out his frustration over his failed love. Badi Amma will swap the babies to trouble Vedika.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla gets drunk. He gets angry on Radhe and Krishna. He can’t accept that Radhe has left the house with his wife. He says Radhe didn’t even talk in front of me, today he was roaring like a lion, he got this courage from his wife, Krishna’s magic is working on her, but I will end her magical grip on my son. He gets too drunk and vents out anger. He tells that there has been enough of playing a villain in Radhe and Krishna’s love story, I will try to portray love to settle scores with Krishna, Radhe will forget Krishna when he gets love from his father, I m sure my son will choose me instead his wife. He is upset that Krishna made Radhe away from him, she has instigated Radhe.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Parmeet gets dressed as a clown to hide his identity. He kidnaps Pihu to trouble Raman and Ishita. He shouts and screams in order to scare Pihu. He attempts many times to make her afraid. She doesn’t get scared. She instead threatens the clown. She insults him and tells him that he is a coward, so he has kidnapped a kid. She gets angry on him and asks him if he isn’t ashamed of his doings. He tells her that he can never meet her parents now. Simmi informs Raman and Ishita about the place where Parmeet has kept Pihu captive. Raman and Ishita rush to the place and ask Simmi to try to convince Parmeet.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara loses the Nikaah Halala case. Zara wanted to get justice for Abida. She was hoping that Abida will reveal the tortures done by her husband. When Abida lies about Wasim in front of the Shariah board, Zara fails to prove her point. Abida gives the statement in favor of Wasim. Zara didn’t expect Abida to change her statement this way. Kabeer and Zara’s dad takes the decision in favor of Wasim. Kabeer asks Zara not to worry, even if they lost the hope, she can still make a last try. She tells him that she has come to give her resignation. She apologizes for coming late. She wants to present her stand with the solid evidence.


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