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Tonight On Star… Ishqbaaz: Tej accepts the bitter truth that Shivay has killed Nancy. Anika knows Shivay well and tells Bhavya that Shivay can’t kill anyone, he has risked his life to save her before. She asks Bhavya to understand that Shivay is being framed. Bhavya sympathizes with her. She tells Anika that evidences are against Shivay and she is following the orders to arrest Shivay. Anika begs them to stop police from arresting Shivay. Omkara and Rudra console Anika. Bhavya attempts to arrest Shivay, but realizes that he has run away. She tells the family that Shivay has proved his crime by running away. Shivay really flees. They don’t understand why he has run away, by fear or guilt. The police chases Shivay. Mohit wants Shivay to get behind bars at any cost. Shivay hides from the police. Bhavya tells them that Shivay has committed another crime by cheating the police.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Sudha meets Raman and Ishita and sympathizes with them. She apologizes on behalf of Rajat and tells them that she will get justice for them. She tells Raman that its her duty to rectify the mistake. She tells Ishita that she wants to have an enquiry and solve their problem. Raman tells her that its his battle for justice. She appears innocent and tells them that she won’t forgive any staff member for the mistake. She asks them to withdraw the case since this will defame her hospital. She promises to punish Rajat and serve justice to them. She is ready to do anything to compensate their pain. She tells them that she will compensate by money, which angers Raman. Raman scolds her for misleading them. Sudha fails to convince them. She thinks its not easy to change their mind. She doesn’t want anyone to ruin her prestige. Aaliya reaches the hospital and learns about the fire incident.

Yeh Rishta: KaiRa to execute their secret wedding plan… Kartik and Naira meet and share their happiness over Suwarna’s approval. He tells her that Suwarna has understood that Naira is her happiness. She tells him that maybe she misunderstood Suwarna, they should have tried to talk to her before. He asks her to give some time to Suwarna and not expect much. Naira gets happy and more hopeful. He tells her that they will marry tomorrow so that they can convince the families. He asks her if she is sure about their marriage, they can accept elders’ scolding. She says we have to convince someone, Rajshri can help. He doesn’t want to stress Kirti and Rajshri. He tells her that he will share their plan with Suwarna. She agrees to marry him. They have a happy moment and look forward to unite. He asks her to reach the temple on time. Rajshri realizes her mistake that she has hidden KaiRa’s relation from Naitik and family.

Krishna Chali London: Radhe prepares to surprise Krishna… The goon realizes that his costly drugs have slipped in Krishna’s purse by mistake. He wants to find Krishna to get the drugs back. Everyone runs to find some shade when it suddenly rains. Krishna enjoys the rains and dances. Radhe gets happiness seeing her smiling from heart. Radhe and Krishna have a romantic dance in the rain. They go home. The goon misses to catch Krishna and gets raging. Radhe gets smitten by Krishna’s beauty. He gets lost in dreams. He compliments Krishna. The goon follows them and reaches the hotel. Radhe’s innocent talk makes Krishna smile. Radhe expects some romance in his life, since they are on their honeymoon trip. Krishna asks him not to dream much.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar gets clued about Lovely and Tevar’s past… Tevar finds Kulfi very pure-hearted. She makes prayers for Gunjan. Tevar asks Kulfi to make her happy by winning the competition. He tells her that he will teach her English and make her confident like Amyra. She promises to try her best. Sikandar tells Mohendar that he didn’t wish to make Kulfi away from himself, and now he is sure that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s father. Mohendar asks him to gather evidences before getting Kulfi home. Sikandar asks him to show him some way. Mohendar asks Sikandar to find Tevar’s girlfriend. Sikandar tells him what Tevar told him before. He finds a way to search about Tevar’s girlfriend. He gets Tevar’s music CD. He wants to know who is Tevar’s girlfriend. He plays the song and tries to get clues. Tevar makes her practice and trains her for competition.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan and the kids get ousted from the house. Amrit clears that she doesn’t want them home. Yuvaan threatens of calling his lawyer and throwing out Amrit and her family, who are living for free in his dad’s house. Yuvaan asks Amrit to do anything, but he will never leave his house. They get into an argument. Kashvi lands up to sort their fight. She asks Amrit and Bela not to turn the kids homeless at least. Yuvaan protects the kids and makes an apology to them.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Aayat calls Rifat to ask her about welfare of her family in Bhopal. Rifat tells her that Majaaz is stuck in problem. She refuses to help Aayat. She doesn’t care for anything. She tells Aayat that Majaaz’s bad time has started. Mahira gets angry on the officer for killing Rihaan. She tells them that Rihaan wasn’t any terrorist. Aayat asks Rifat to talk to Mariam once and end her worries. Rifat tells Mariam that everything is fine and she will give her message to Majaaz. Aayat promises to make Mariam talk to Majaaz. The goon shoots the police, but the doubt comes on Majaaz. Majaaz didn’t know that a goon was hiding in his house. Police shoots down the goon. They get the blueprint with Majaaz’s picture on it. Majaaz gets trapped. He gets suspected by police. Majaaz tells them that he is going to get his daughter. Majaaz gets framed. The family can’t believe the series of events.

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