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High Five Spoilers… Silsila: Mauli wants to avoid Kunal, who doesn’t deserve her love and has ashamed their marriage. Dida and Yamini pacify Mauli over her broken marriage. Kunal tries to talk to Mauli once. He gets Nandini’s call and talks to her. Mauli gets upset when she hears him talking to Nandini. Mauli knows he can never explain his wrong emotions. Mauli runs away from Kunal, since she feels hurt by his sight, recollecting his cheat. She ends up hurting herself. Kunal worries seeing Mauli’s pain. He doesn’t want Mauli to live in pain. Mauli runs over shattered glass pieces. Yamini sees the blood marks and worries for Mauli’s wounded feet. She rushes to help Mauli. Mauli packs her bags and tells Yamini that she can’t live under the same roof with Kunal. Yamini hugs Mauli and consoles her.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni compels Niyati to apologize to Piyali. Piyali hates Falguni even more. She plays a drama so that Falguni pays her attention. Piyali threatens Falguni about her family’s safety. She says even if you save them from danger, how will you save them from sorrow. She plays mind games with Falguni. She tells Falguni that she will ruining their happiness by getting Vidhaan’s deal cancelled. Piyali shocks her and tells her that this deal will ruin Vidhaan completely. Falguni doesn’t understand her and asks her not to hurt Vidhaan, and forgive Niyati for her mistake. She thinks Piyali is punishing Vidhaan to teach her a lesson. She begs Piyali not to trouble Niyati and Vidhaan.


Savitri Devi:
Veer and Sanchi get a shocking surprise, when Kabir and Riya get married. The family keeps a wedding reception. Veer feels upset. He welcomes the guests. He wishes happiness stays in the family. Anand, Gayatri and Savitri stay positive and wish Riya good for her married life. Kabir and Riya look a happy in love couple. Anand accepts Kabir as his son in law, and hugs him. There happens a shocking entry in the party. Naintara takes the dancer’s disguise and performs in the party. She reveals her truth to Anand, who gets big time shocked seeing her back. Sanchi arrives late in the party. She gets worried on seeing Naintara and alerts Veer.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep kidnaps Aarohi. He demands her to reveal the secret to him. He keeps her captive. He asks her to stay in her limit and not put her life in danger. Kashyap reaches Aarohi and gets her freed. Deep warns Aarohi against spying on him. She wants to know about her parents. She struggles to get some clue. Aarohi and Kashyap follow Deep to know his plans. She doesn’t want Kashyap to fall in any trouble.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika brings police home to get her son. Badi Amma denies Vedika’s truth. Vedika tells them that she has a right on her son. She gives them a court notice. Police asks them not to leave the city till the case goes on. Badi Amma throws Vedika out of the house. Vedika enters the house again and shows her rights on Ved. Vedika wants to protect Ved from Badi Amma’s madness.

Arshad understands Zoya’s silence and her love for Aditya. He finds her unhappy. He doesn’t wan Zoya to marry him under any pressure. Zoya tries to convince her heart that she can live happy with Arshad, and she doesn’t love Aditya. She fails to explain herself. She loves Aditya but wants to deny it, for the sake of her family. Arshad tests Zoya’s love for Arshad. Zoya wants to be true in her relationship, and feels she will be doing injustice with Arshad if she lies about her feelings. Arshad decides to call off the wedding and help Zoya realize her feelings for Aditya. Arshad doesn’t marry Zoya, and asks her to get married to Aditya, whom she loves immensely. Arshad explains Wasim and asks him to value Zoya’s love and emotions. He suggests Wasim to get Zoya and Aditya married.

Another shocker in YRKKH: Naira to smash Kartik’s wedding dreams… Kartik and Naira decide to get married. They take blessings from the families by hiding their decision of re-marriage. They secretly plan everything. Kartik talks to the pandit. Kartik just informs Suwarna that he is going to marry Naira. Suwarna blesses him and gives him a sindoor box. She asks him to tell Naira that this sindoor is her blessing. Kartik gets happy that Suwarna has finally cleared her heart for Naira and accepted her. Meanwhile, Goenkas wait for Kartik at the airport, while Kartik flees to marry Naira. Manish and Dadi try to call Kartik. Suwarna keeps silence and prays for Kartik’s happiness. Dadi learns that Kartik has already left. She gets worried.

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