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Tonight On Star Plus… YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted… Rajat questions Sudha over the big amount for charity. She tells him that she is making the charity to rectify his mistakes. She wants to be sure that Ishita gets convinced. She wants to take Shagun’s help. She gets the NGO event invite. She awaits to meet Shagun and tell her the matter so that she can convince Raman to withdraw the case. She gets surprised when Ishita calls her. Ishita tells Sudha that she is ready to accept the monetary compensation. Sudha gets relieved and thanks Ishita for understanding her concern. Ishita tells Sudha that they will meet at the NGO event tomorrow. Sudha agrees to meet her and handover the cheque. She tells Ishita that she is donating money to the NGO for Shagun’s noble work. She wonders if Ishita is upto something. Aaliya stays bothered about the bracelet which belongs to the guy she met on the way.

YRKKH: Huge drama, revelations and confrontations… Kartik reaches Suwarna and tells her that he has decided to marry Naira. She gives him a sindoor box as her blessing. She asks him to go and get his happiness. He asks her to come along, as he didn’t tell this to anyone. He doesn’t want to get upset. She tells him that she isn’t upset as she wants his happiness. Kartik thanks her for all the support. He tells her that he will convince everyone, since she is at his side. He asks her to be ready to welcome Naira home. Kartik and Naira try to reach the temple soon, so that they get into a bond of lifetime again. They get dressed as groom and bride. Suwarna is ready to leave from Kartik’s life. She can’t forgive Naira from heart, but accepts her just for Kartik’s sake.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to struggle further; A bad phase for Oberois.. Shivay misleads Bhavya and runs away from the police. He wants to find Nancy’s murderer. He wishes to find out the happenings of the last night. Anika cries for Shivay. She wants to know if he is fine. Shivay gets into miserable state. He doesn’t call Anika, knowing police has tapped their phones. Shivay and Anika feel each other’s presence and gain strength in the moments of sorrow. The media defames Shivay because of Mohit’s accusation on him for Nancy’s murder. Tej gets disheartened that Oberois are into the news for all the wrong reasons. He tells Omkara that Shivay has ruined their business and reputation. He gets worried for the losses. Anika tells Tej that even Shivay is worried by this shocking blames. The family backs up Shivay. They find Shivay innocent.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar finally learns Lovely’s shocking truth… Sikandar tries to know more about Tevar’s girlfriend. He doesn’t get to know more. Lovely prays that her past doesn’t get known to Sikandar. She knows that Sikandar will leave her and Amyra if he learns that Kulfi is his daughter. She gets worried for Amyra. She regrets for her mistakes. She feels helpless. Cutie asks her to make some sacrifice so that her prayers get answered. Lovely sacrifices food. She tells Cutie that she will fast for days. Sikandar gets help from the old man. He learns the place where Tevar used to work. He thanks the old man. Lovely avoids food. Sikandar comes home with her favorite pastries. She asks him to give pastries to Amyra. He tells her about Tevar’s girlfriend Love. She reacts on hearing the name, and asks if he called her.

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