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High Five Spoilers.. Kaleerein:
Meera wants to handle all the problems. She is protecting Vivaan from Sunny’s evil. Sunny does cheap things and hurts Meera. Vivaan gets doubting on Meera in anger. Sunny angers Vivaan more so that Vivaan loses his love. Vivaan beats up Sunny. Sunny plans things and takes advantage of Vivaan and Meera’s love. Meera stops Vivaan from hurting Sunny. Vivaan asks her why is she protecting Sunny when she can see his wrong doings. He wants to know what does Meera want to do. Meera tells Vivaan that Sunny is misleading him to separate them. Meera and Vivaan get together and plan to tackle Sunny.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai and Aadhya come closer and get friendly. They have different opinions and clash all the time. Samrat plants misunderstandings and makes their terms worse. Aadhya takes sleeping pills by mistake. She gets intoxicated. Jai doesn’t drop her home, thinking of her dad’s anger on finding her in this state. He gets her to Savita’s house and tells her that Aadhya has taken sleeping pills by mistake. He asks Savita to manage Aadhya. Aadhya misunderstands Jai and scolds him. She finds his intentions wrong. She has made a wrong image about Jai in mind. She asks Jai to leave from Savita’s house. Jai tells her that he has helped her, and she should thank him, instead of shouting at him. Savita looks after Aadhya.


Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika doubts that Bhoomi will take away Ved and go abroad. She gets police home and tells everyone that they can’t leave the city. He gives the stay order to the family, so that they don’t take Ved away from her. Vedika falls in trouble. Sahil supports her once again. Nidhi returns in the house by a disguise of a lawyer, named Nisha. She will bring a new storm in Vedika and Sahil’s lives. Nidhi has got plastic surgery and got a new identidy. She wants to ruin Vedika’s life. Vedika wants to legally fight for Ved, knowing she won’t be able to escape from Sahil and family for long.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara plays a new game. She had kidnapped Aarohi’s parents, and also takes Aarohi’s disguise to emotionally blackmail them. She sheds fake tears to know a secret from them. She makes the goon point gun at her forehead and threaten her, so that her parents give up and reveal the secret. Aarohi’s mother asks goons not to hurt her daughter. When Aarohi’s mother doesn’t agree to reveal the truth, Tara gets to her real form and tortures Aarohi’s parents. Aarohi witnesses Virat and Tara’s big game and sheds tears. Once Virat and Tara leave, Aarohi tries to save her parents. Aarohi reaches her parents. She finds her mother captive. She faces the goons and beats them up. She bravely fights with them. She asks them to stop torturing her father. The goons capture Aarohi as well.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi gets tantric home to catch Naintara. Tantric does the remedies and asks Sanchi to stop everyone from entering the room. Gayatri breaks into the room and disturbs him during his tough Tapasya. She asks Sanchi about the tantric’s puja. Gayatri asks Sanchi what is she doing, is she doing any black magic on the family. Sanchi gets hurt. Tantric gets upset that everything got ruined. He tells Gayatri that Naintara won’t spare them now. Sanchi asks Gayatri not to ask any question and just leave. Tantric tells Sanchi that Naintara has learnt the truth that they have tricked her and called her here, she will ruin everything now, she will not leave anyone in her rage. He says its a big disaster, that my puja couldn’t complete.

Kumkum Bhagya: New kidnapping twist to drift Abhi-Pragya… King gets accused for kidnapping. Pragya meets him in the lockup. King tells inspector that he didn’t do any crime, he is an artist, not a criminal. Pragya tries to help King. He pleads his innocence and tells her that someone from Abhi’s family is framing him in the false case of kidnapping. He asks Pragya to believe him. Pragya knows King since years and blindly trusts him. He asks her to unmask the real culprit, who is playing with their lives. Pragya assures King that she will find out the truth.

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