Udaan: SuKor’s remarriage, Gumaan’s revelation and more…

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Udaan: SuKor’s remarriage, Gumaan’s revelation and more… Chakor exposes Imli in front of Suraj. Imli goes to shoot Chakor, but Suraj saves Chakor like always. Suraj punishes Imli and gets her arrested. Chakor learns that Anjor is her daughter. She gives this good news to Suraj. Suraj gets delighetd to know that Anjor is Saanvi, that’s why he felt connected to her. Suraj and Chakor get happy to get their Saanvi back and also sort their differences. Suraj apologizes to Chakor for punishing her for Imli’s crimes. He confesses love to Chakor once again and proposes her for marriage. The duo gets married again and celebrate their togetherness. They rush to meet Anjor and tell the entire truth.

On their way, Suraj and Chakor get a huge shock when they find Garima stabbed. Suraj asks Garima who has done this with her. Garima attempts to tell them about Gumaan. She tells them that Gumaan has stabbed her, Gumaan is going to ruin everything in Aazaadgunj. She asks them to save the villagers.

Suraj and Chakor can’t believe that Gumaan and Imli are so evil. Garima reveals Gumaan’s true side to Suraj. She asks Suraj not to fall in to Gumaan’s trap. She says you both have to save everyone now. She takes their promise to end the evil in Aazaadgunj. Gumaan didn’t know Garima will expose him. Garima reveals all the black deeds of Gumaan. Chakor tells Suraj that she has already told him about Gumaan’s illegal activities. Suraj realizes that he has done a big mistake to hand over Aazaadgunj and haveli to Imli and Gumaan, he should have not believed them blindly. Garima breathes her last in front of them. Suraj and Chakor want to expose Gumaan’s evil.

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