YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted… Rajat questions Sudha over the big amount for charity. She tells him that she is making the charity to rectify his mistakes. She wants to be sure that Ishita gets convinced. She wants to take Shagun’s help. She gets the NGO event invite. She awaits to meet Shagun and tell her the matter so that she can convince Raman to withdraw the case. She gets surprised when Ishita calls her. Ishita tells Sudha that she is ready to accept the monetary compensation. Sudha gets relieved and thanks Ishita for understanding her concern. Ishita tells Sudha that they will meet at the NGO event tomorrow. Sudha agrees to meet her and handover the cheque. She tells Ishita that she is donating money to the NGO for Shagun’s noble work. She wonders if Ishita is upto something. Aaliya stays bothered about the bracelet which belongs to the guy she met on the way.

Ruhi gets mistaken and asks Aaliya if there is anyone special in her life. Aaliya tells Ruhi that there is no such person in her life. She asks Ruhi not to link her with any man, since she just loved Adi. She doesn’t want to move on with anyone. Ruhi asks her to move on in life and get over the past. Aaliya gets upset with her. Ishita meets Shagun at her event and looks for Sudha. She wants Raman to get justice some how.

Raman feels bad seeing the people pitying him. He asks Ishita to take him home. Ishita asks him to remember their motive and just work for it. She tells Mani that she is going to meet Sudha, and asks him to be with Raman. Sudha meets Ishita and Raman. She impresses Shagun, unaware that Shagun knows her entire truth. Shagun thanks her for coming and introduces her to people. Sudha makes the big donation to earn goodwill. Ishita tells everyone that Sudha has giving them a big amount as compensation for Raman’s pain. She is grateful and sounds positive to Sudha.

Sudha tells Ishita that she can give anything she asks for. Ishita asks her to give a life to Raman’s legs again, so that he can walk on his own and get his confidence.

Sudha tells her that this wasn’t something they had discussed on call. She apologizes to Raman. Raman tells her that she can’t buy them with money, he will never withdraw the case. Sudha gets angered when Raman blames Rajat publicly. Sudha defends Rajat and asks Raman to get evidence against her staff. Raman tells her that Rajat has himself accepted his mistake. Aaliya gets a call from the same guy, who asks her to get his bracelet. Aaliya gets angry on him for commanding her. Sudha lies further to keep Rajat’s name clear.

Ishita confronts her for the lies and false promises. Sudha denies Ishita’s blames. She tries to frame Raman for forcing wrong allegations on Rajat. Shagun returns her donation cheque. Raman insults Sudha and ousts her from the event. Ishita tells Raman that Sudha isn’t easy to handle, but they can break down Rajat. Sudha doesn’t want Rajat to defame the hospital.

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