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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

TR’s Quick Reads on Tellyreviews… Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika wants her son Ved back. Nisha does the black magic and helps Vedika get Ved, only to anger Sahil and Bhoomi. Nisha wants Bhoomi to take a big step against Vedika. Bhoomi gets a shock when Ved accepts Vedika as his mother. Ved doesn’t want to stay with Bhoomi. Bhoomi gets heartbroken and crazy to get Ved back. Vedika waits the court decision to come in her favor.

Silsila: Dida plans to bring Kunal and Mauli closer. She wants them to give another chance to their marriage. Nothing remains the same between Kunal and Mauli. Deep and Aarohi meet Kunal’s family. They request Kunal and Mauli for the dance. The couples perform Garba. Kunal is fulfilling Dida’s condition. Dida asks him to stay at home with Mauli for a month and not meet Nandini. Dida is sure that Mauli can stop the divorce. Dida doesn’t want them to get separated. Kunal and Mauli pretend to live normal. They have a moment during their drama. Everyone wants to see Kunal and Mauli to be back together.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay’s dead body comes home. The family cries for him. Everyone mourns on his death. Bulbul and Mandira can’t belief that he is dead. They shed tears. The family does a drama to fool Mandira’s dad. They are with Vijay in his plan. They finally expose the wrong doers, and get justice for Vijay. Later in the track, Mandira and Bulbul deliver their child. Mandira faces complications during her delivery. She risks her life to give birth to a baby boy. Bulbul feels indebted to Mandira. She worries for Mandira. She calls the doctor to check Mandira. Doctor tells Bulbul that Mandira doesn’t have have time, she is sinking. Anant meets Mandira and forgives her for everything. He confesses love to Mandira. He asks her to get fine and return to him, to give another chance to their relation.

Kumkum Bhagya:
King gets arrested for the kidnapping charge. Pragya learns Abhi has done this and confronts him for sending King to jail. She scolds him for stooping so low because of his jealousy and punishing King. She tells him that she can’t believe Abhi has done this. He admits that he has sent King to jail as he is jealous. He says you are just mine and I have done everything for your sake. She says you can’t see me with King and spoiled your career by this case. Pragya tells Abhi that she won’t expect any help from him now.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to learn about Kabeer-Ruksar’s marriage… Kabeer and Zara face new hurdles in their lives. Zara gets busy in solving others’ problems and doesn’t focus on her life. Zara meets Hamdam’s family to apologize to them on Ruksar’s behalf. She offers them a compensation. They refuse the money and instead keep a condition that Kabeer becomes their slave. She asks them how can they punish Kabeer, when he isn’t involved in the matter. They get angry on Kabeer, since he has freed Ruksar from the jail. Hamdam’s dad asks Zara if money can fill in their son’s place. He scolds her for offering money to them to shut them up. She justifies that she has offered the compensation with a good intention, since their support, Hamdam is no more and their family needs financial stability.


Aditya and Zoya get married in front of Ganpati. He holds Zoya’s hand forever. Anjana learns about their marriage. She disapproves their relation. She tells Aditya that he has done wrong, he has to choose either Zoya or his mum. Aditya tells her that he has married Zoya and given her vows, he will never leave her. Aditya and Zoya’s world changes. He refuses to Anjana. He chooses Zoya over his family. Aditya and Zoya go against their families to walk on the path of love, unaware of the coming problems.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna and Radhe fall in huge trouble because of the drug peddlers. Radhe gets shot and turns critical. He gets treated in the hospital, while Shukla turns restless for his dearest son. Shukla wants to talk to Radhe once. Gajanan informs the family about Radhe’s accident. Shukla gets a huge shock. He worries for Radhe’s life. Krishna feels responsible for everything. She walks barefoot to the temple and burns her hand by the hot diya, to fulfill the tough rituals and pray for Radhe’s life. Krishna makes prayers for Radhe and gets him back to life.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan’s Roka comes as a shocker for Preeta. Preeta bursts her anger on Karan for mocking happiness and love towards Monisha. She reminds Karan that his Roka has happened because of his love drama. She tells him that everyone tries to stop his Roka, Rishabh and Shrishti also tried hard, but Monisha really changed her mind on seeing Karan’s drama. She questions Karan over his real feelings for Monisha. She scolds him for being so good. Kaan sees her love hidden behind anger. Preeta gets jealous seeing Karan with Monisha. Karan also didn’t wish to do the Roka, since he loves Preeta. Preeta will realize her feelings, and wonders what’s happening to her, when she just considered karan as her friends. Karan tells her that their relationship has gone ahead of friendship, and wishes she admits her feelings soon.

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