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High Five Spoilers… Tu Aashiqui:
Poorva learns that Rangoli has blackmailed Pankti and made her away from Ahaan. She meets Ahaan and tells him that Pankti is surely stuck in some problem. Ahaan and Aparna really feel that Pankti is hiding some big matter from them. Ahaan tries to get free from his rising suspicions. Ahaan tells Poorva that he also couldn’t believe Pankti’s cheat to this extent. He knows Pankti can never deceive him. Rangoli makes a plan to make Pankti fall in Ahaan’s eyes. Rangoli wants to get close to Ahaan. Pankti traps Rangoli in her own plan. Pankti takes help from Randhir and becomes the new face of JMD music company to shock Rangoli. She defames Rangoli so that Rangoli angrily blurts out the truth herself. Pankti wants to handle Rangoli alone. Pankti will save her relationship with Ahaan.

Suraj and Chakor, along with entire villagers, punish Imli and Gumaan. They expose Imli and Gumaan’s evil deeds and gets them arrested. Police asks Suraj not to take law in his hands, and let them take Imli and Gumaan to jail. Suraj doesn’t listen to inspector and points gun at Gumaan. Chakor drags Imli with her. Suraj tells inspector that villagers will punish Imli and Gumaan. Chakor refuses to handover the criminals to police. The villagers take Imli and Gumaan and tie them to the tree. They take the fire torches to burn Imli and Gumaan alive. Police stops the villagers from committing this crime. Police arrests and takes Imli and Gumaan along. Suraj and Chakor hug and get emotional. They end the evil and sign a big relief that their family is fine.


Ronak develops a good bonding with Muskaan. She always surprises him. He thinks she is unpredictable, since she speaks up in situations where he doesn’t expect and stays silent when someone asks her about family. Ronak meets her and gets the tiffin from her. Muskaan tells him that she has come for studies, he shouldn’t stop her every day. Ronak gets bothered by her behavior. He makes her participate in debate and asks her to express her views on the brothels. Muskaan tells him that the women living in brothels are always human and helpless that they can’t live as normal society. Ronak tells her that such women break homes and good families.

Savitri Devi to mark its closure this week… Veer and Sanchi get attacked by Naintara. They lose out once again. Naintara tries to hurt the family. Veer and Sanchi come home with the spiritual flower. They look for the family. They see Naintara and ask her what did she do with their family. Kabir gets possessed by Naintara. He attacks Veer to injure him. Veer stops Kabir and tries to get him to senses. Sanchi uses the flower against Naintara. Sanchi stops Kabir from beating Veer. Naintara cages the family. She makes the family create hurdles for Sanchi and Veer. She says if I can’t do anything, your family can take your life.

YRKKH: Suwarna to take up Akshara’s avatar… Kartik prepares for his marriage with Ashi. Naira has to leave for Singapore for her surgery the same day when Kartik’s marriage is due. She doesn’t want Kartik to know about her illness and invite sorrow in his life. She is happy that he is marrying Ashi. Kartik makes Naira jealous by showing his engagement ring to her. He dances with Naira and asks her to celebrate his joy. She asks him to stop his madness. She reminds him his limits, as she isn’t his wife now. They have a heated argument in front of Singhanias. Kartik invites Naira for the wedding. He tells her that he has come to take Naira along. Naira tells him that she will surely come in his marriage.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Anupriya always protects Kalyani because of her unspoken relation. Kalyani learns the truth of Anupriya’s past. She gets Anupriya’s marriage photo. She gets angered knowing Anupriya married such a man who was already wedded to someone else. She confronts Anupriya for plotting her mother’s murder. Anupriya tries to save Kalyani from the bitter truth, that she is the first wife of Kalyani’s dad. Kalyani refuses to accept Anupriya’s truth.

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