Lovely gives Sikandar an ultimatum in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely poisons Amyra's mind

Lovely gives Sikandar an ultimatum in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.. Sikandar cries over Amyra’s words. Lovely advises him to give time to Amyra, so that she feels important. She asks him why is Kulfi important to him than family. She doesn’t want to argue with him. She asks him to think about his life’s priorities. She wants him to look after Amyra. Amyra and Kulfi secretly meet so that they can plan and win the competition. They both prepare for the races. Amyra wants to win. Kulfi wants to help Amyra and bond with her. They sing and dance. They have fun like never before. Amyra also enjoys her company. Sattu misses Kulfi. He tells Nihali that he has gone to Mumbai to have darshan of Bappa. Nihali worries knowing this. Sattu wishes Kulfi stays happy. Sikandar calls on the phone number again and again. He hopes that someone answers. Kulfi and Amyra participate in the race.

Sikandar gets angry on Tevar. Lovely tries to stop Sikandar. She wishes that she succeeds in hiding the truth. Sikandar calms down for Kulfi’s sake. He tells Tevar that they should together encourage their daughters. Amyra and Kulfi fall down and get hurt, making their fathers worry. Kulfi asks Amyra not to lose, they will try again. Sikandar and Tevar happily hug and celebrate their daughters’ victory. Tevar feels proud of Kulfi. Sikandar also feels proud of Amyra. Lovely asks Amyra to play with her in the next round. Amyra tells her that she will play with Sikandar and give him a chance. She tells him that she will prepare him for the round. She gives him the chit to cheat.

Sikandar refuses to do this. He tells her that he knows everything about her, and doesn’t need to read any chit. He tells her that they will win by playing honestly. Tevar and Kulfi dine. Tevar tells her that they will participate in the family competition. He tells his likes and dislikes to Kulfi to help her. She doesn’t understand much. They participate in the best family competition. Tevar and Kulfi answer wrong about each other. Kulfi knows more about Sikandar, which upsets Tevar.

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