It’s Showtime in Ishqbaaz: Mohit to get exposed FINALLY

It's Showtime in Ishqbaaz: Mohit to get exposed FINALLY

It’s Showtime in Ishqbaaz: Mohit to get exposed FINALLY… Mohit confronts Anika when he catches her romancing Majnu Awara. He asks her how can she cheat Shivay. He scolds her for cheating Shivay and romancing a servant in his absence. Shivay asks Anika to take the accusations light. Mohit takes permission from Bhavya so that he can go for his magic show. Bhavya permits him to go. Mohit tells them that he has to complete his commitments, with or without Nancy. He invites Oberois for his magic show. Anika wishes Shivay was with them. Mohit learns the lawyer has arrived to meet him. He lies to the family and tells them that the lawyer has come for murder related case. He meets the lawyer and gets the good news that he has got his wife’s property finally. He feels glad that his motive is close to be accomplished. He wants to disappear soon and enjoy a new life. Mohit wants Shivay to get arrested and stay in jail. He is sure that Shivay won’t understand his game.

Anika tells Shivay that they have to keep an eye on Mohit as well and know about the lawyer. Anika takes tea for Mohit. She gets a clue against Mohit, when she finds his marriage photo with some other woman. She wonders what’s Mohit up to. Mohit tells Anika about the mystery woman, Priya in the photo. He gets overconfident and accepts that he has trapped Shivay. He tells Anika that he knows Shivay didn’t kill Nancy. He accepts that Priya was his wife, who got murdered that night. She threatens to tell Shivay and Bhavya about his real truth. He threatens to keep her mouth shut. He tells her that he will kidnap her.

Mohit does a trick and gets away with Anika. Shivay looks for Mohit and doesn’t learn his plan. He finds Anika missing. He gets Mohit’s phone and doesn’t get any doubt. Mohit takes Anika away from the Oberoi mansion. He threatens to kill her. Anika asks him not to make any mistake for which Shivay won’t spare his life.

Mohit tells Anika that he will flee before Shivay reaches him. She threatens him about Shivay’s anger. She is sure that Shivay will outdo Mohit. Shivay and his brothers track Nancy. Khanna gives them information about Nancy. Omkara follows Nancy to the airport to stop her. Nancy learns that someone is following her. She tries to escape. Omkara chases her. Nancy hides from Omkara. Shivay gets worried for Anika. He looks for her everywhere in the house. Shivay asks Omkara not to stress and reach Mohit’s magic show venue. He is sure to find Nancy. Shivay wants to prove his innocence some how.

Mohit locks up Anika at an isolated place. He reveals her evil motives to Anika. He tells her that he has planned a big trick today, and she won’t understand it even if she knows about it. He hurts to make her fall unconscious. He asks Nancy to leave soon, since Anika has learnt their plan. Shivay catches Nancy and tells her that she will be going jail for the big deceive. Nancy fails to make any move. Oberois arrive for watching Mohit’s mega special magical show. Mohit entertains everyone with his magical tricks. He tells everyone that this is his last show, and everyone will always remember his show. He reveals his mysterious magical move. Anika falls in danger. Will Shivay rescue her life? Keep reading.

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