YRKKH: Big twists with happy and sad moments filled in

Naira gets suspicious of Kartik's ex-lover in Yeh Rishta

YRKKH: Big twists with happy and sad moments filled in… Naira begs Kartik to stop the MRI test. She fights with her fears on his insistence. Kartik tells her that he will be with her, he will never leave her. He inspires her to help herself and find ways to fight with inner fears. He tells her about his mother Soumya’s trauma, which traumatized him too. He asks Naira to recollect her ashram days and make her mind ready for the tests. He tells her that person has to find strength within. He helps her relax her mind. He asks Naira to imagine whatever he tells her. He helps her go for the tests. Naira slips in dreams and imagines dancing with Kartik. The families wish that Naira stays fine and strong. They witness Kartik shouldering Naira well. Naira tells him that she will never forget him, she can forgive herself and her dance. She tells Kartik that he is more important than anything. Naira gets strength by Kartik.

Kartik asks her not to get scared, he is with her. Naira stays strong. She wants Kartik to be with her all the time. A beautiful dream of dance and romance occupies her mind. She gets the tests done with ease, just by Kartik’s help. The families get happy with Kartik’s way to boost her courage and strength.

Naira thanks Kartik. The families get praising of the lovers. Kartik gets worried for the reports. He asks the family members to be with Naira, till he goes and prays. The family members think to go home to rest, while Suwarna stays back with Naira. They stay restless to know about reports. Kartik visits the Dargah, temple and church to appeal and pray for Naira. He wishes Naira gets fine. Suwarna, Manish and Naitik stay by Naira’s side till she sleeps. Naira’s reports finally come.

Doctor ends the family’s long wait. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to suffer more. He feels guilty that he is also responsible for Naira’s state. Kartik gets the reports, and gives the shocking bad news to the family, that Naira is very much critical. Naira takes stress after hearing her current state. She finds the family suffering because of her. Nurse asks Naira not to walk and go out. Naira gets restricted. She feels disabled when she adapts to the wheelchair. The families feel sorry to see her in such a state. Naira tries to bring happiness in the sorrowful moment, and proposes Kartik for marriage.

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