YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection… Shagun and Aaliya get excited for Ruhi’s alliance. Shagun wants Ruhi to get married soon. She asks Ruhi not to overthink and be stress free. Rohan calls up Aaliya to give a hint that he is coming to her house. Aaliya tells him about the guests coming and gets busy in work. Raman wishes the guy to win Ruhi’s trust so make a successful relationship. He wants Ruhi to get over her past. He doesn’t want Sudha and likely people to hurt Ruhi. Ishita asks Raman not to cry and be positive. She tells him that Ruhi will be happy always, since they are with her to guide her. The family prepares to meet the guy. They don’t want to pressurize Ruhi. Rohan comes home. Ishita tells him that she will talk about the car damage later. He tells her that he has come to meet his daughter, the marriage bureau has sent him.

Ishita gets happily surprised and welcomes him home. Mrs. Bhalla too gets surprised and tells the family that they know him. Mrs. Bhalla praises Rohan. Rohan tells them that it was his duty to help them. Mihika doesn’t think its a coincidence. She feels strange. Rohan tells Ishita that he knows his daughter and is her new friend. Mihika finds the connection of Rohan with the family. She gets happy thinking Ruhi is already Rohan’s friend. Ishita and Raman get hopeful that Ruhi will agree to marry Rohan. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to give some time to Ruhi and let her decide. Shagun and Aaliya prepare Ruhi. Ruhi doesn’t think she will fall in love and marry a guy. She doesn’t want to meet the guy. Shagun encourages Ruhi. She asks her to meet the guy once and reject him if she doesn’t want to marry. Aaliya is sure that the guy will like Ruhi. Mihika teases Ruhi over her secret admirer. Ruhi gets puzzled.

Rohan tells the Bhallas about his family. He tells them that his mom was very happy with the alliance and asked him to meet them. Ruhi tells them that she didn’t make any new friend. Mihika tells her that everyone is impressed with the guy. Aaliya goes to tell Ishita that Ruhi is coming. Aaliya gets surprised on seeing Rohan. She tells the family that Rohan has helped her in getting the business project. Rohan tells Raman that he likes his daughter a lot and wants to marry her. Aaliya also gets happy for Rohan and Ruhi.

Raman insists him to meet Ruhi and talk to her. Rohan gets puzzled. He clears their confusion about Ruhi and Aaliya. Rohan tells them that he likes Aaliya, not Ruhi, he has come with an alliance for Aaliya. This comes as a shocker for Bhallas. Ruhi gets depressed with the rejection. Raman and Ishita fear that she may take a wrong step. Ruhi gets angry on herself. Aaliya feels guilty for everything. Aaliya scolds Rohan for hurting her family. Romi slaps Rohan and ousts him from the house.

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