High Five Spoilers

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High Five Spoilers… Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Rithvik enjoys his birthday party. Rithvik romances Palak and thanks her for arranging a lovely surprise for him. She reminds him about the guests around, and goes to check on preparations. Sethu gifts a mixer grinder to Rithvik, since Palak may need it in the new house. Rithvik gets surprised seeing the mixie. Sethu pulls his leg. Rithvik gets happily surprised knowing Vijay is coming in the party. Vijay reaches the party and angrily insults Palak. Rithvik’s mood gets spoiled. Palak tries to calm him down. He gets angry and throws away the gifts. He can’t believe Vijay’s hatred for Palak. Palak wanted to make Rithvik’s birthday special. She didn’t know this will happen. There happens a big drama. Rithvik’s friends take him away to cool his mind.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:


Kalyani sees some spirit roaming by and gets scared. She sees the moving swing. She wants to know whom did she see. She doesn’t believe in spirits. She rushes to Gayatri and tries to know the truth. Gayatri stays numb. Kalyani gives her some make up items and asks Gayatri to reveal the truth. Gayatri doesn’t say anything. Kalyani finds the windows shuttling and goes to close. Her friend holds her hand suddenly and scares her. Kalyani gets no answers about the spirit. She boldly goes to find the truth.

Muskaan recollects Aarti and smiles. Ronak interrupts and breaks her thought. Ronak is right on his front and speaks practical way. Muskaan defends the lady who is making her daughter dance to earn money for survival needs.

Ronak stops the lady and scolds her for ruining the girl’s future. He tells the ways how the lady can save the girl’s future. The people agree with Ronak. The lady apologizes to Ronak. Muskaan tells Ronak that no woman will want her daughter to dance and earn money, maybe she is helpless. She compares the lady’s situation with Aarti. She feels the lady justified. Ronak asks the girl what does she want to do. The girl tells him that she wants to go to school and study. Ronak asks the lady to send the girl to school. Ronak offers help to support the girl’s education. Muskaan realizes Ronak is also right, but doesn’t agree completely, since she has gone through such pain of helplessness. While justifying the lady, she justifies her own life.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:

Guddan wants to save her sister Chutki. The three bahus stop her from entering the house. Guddan gets angry and pushes all of them on the floor. She rushes inside Akshat’s house and tries to track her sister. She learns that someone is troubling Chutki, as seen on the video call. She gets a big shock on finding her sister stabbed. Durga fails to stop Guddan.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar plans to stop Kabeer and Zara’s Nikaah. She gets in between and tries to reveal Kabeer’s truth. Kabeer gets disturbed by Ruksar’s presence. Ruksar threatens him and asks him to reveal the truth to Zara. Zara is positive about Ruksar. She doesn’t know what Ruksar is planning. She is very happy to marry Kabeer this time, since she loves Kabeer. He tries to avoid Ruksar. Zara stays friendly with Ruksar and wants to lessen her sorrow. Kabeer takes Zara’s disguise to make her smile. Zara feels happy. Zara learns about Kabeer and Ruksar’s marriage. She couldn’t bear the shock and faints down suddenly. Kabeer gets worried for her. He wants to tell her how he was helpless to marry Ruksar. He hopes that Zara will understand him.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika stops Maya from telling Sahil that Ved is Vedika and Sahil’s child. Maya meets Sahil to disclose the child’s truth. Vedika doesn’t want Sahil to learn this truth, which will spoil his relation with Bhoomi. She had enough chances to tell the truth to Sahil, but didn’t wish to tell him. She takes Maya with her. She doesn’t want this big thing to get revealed. She feels guilty for leaving Sahil and Ved for five years. She knows Bhoomi has handled them with utmost responsibility and care. She doesn’t want to snatch Bhoomi’s rights and small world.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:
Mauli recollects her happy moments with Kunal. So many instances happen that Mauli recalls their love and fun time. She feels awkward. Their chemistry changes. The memories make Mauli more upset. She didn’t expect this day to come in her life. She has lost Kunal from her life. She fails to explain Dida that Kunal and her relation has changed completely. Dida is trying best to stop Kunal from meeting Nandini. She spikes the drink to make him sleep. She does weird things to save Kunal and Mauli’s marriage.

Meera has got Paromita’s eyes post transplant. She imagines Vivaan and Paromita’s romance. She gets visions of Vivaan’s ex-girlfriend. She learns the instances of the night when Vivaan was with Paromita. She is getting to see the past, since she has got Paromita’s eyes. Paromita was Vivaan’s psycho lover. The past flashes get seen Paromita surprises Vivaan by showing a tattoo made just for him. Vivaan just loves Meera. Meera wants to know more of Vivaan’s past to understand Paromita’s story. The mystery will be unveiled.


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