Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s union to mark end of Redux

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined

Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s union to mark end of Redux… Shivay reveals to Mohit that he has made the plan against him and involved Bhavya as well, by sharing his findings and evidences. He tells how he has trapped Mohit by taking his family’s help. He tells Mohit that he has got the clues against him, and then learnt about Priya. Shivay tells Mohit that he has made his lawyer lie about the property, so that Mohit does some mistake. He tells how he has found Nancy and got him in front of media to expose the plan. Media asks Mohit if he is really the murderer. Before Mohit could escape, Bhavya arrests him. She asks him to accept his crime. Mohit tells Bhavya that Shivay has no proof against him, its just a story he has cooked up. Bhavya tells him that Nancy has given statement against his crimes. Shivay feels ashamed of Mohit’s friendship. He tells Mohit that people like him stain a pure relation like friendship. He asks Mohit why did he do this.

Mohit expresses his hatred towards Shivay. He tells Shivay that he has always held his hatred and jealousy, he was never his friend, since they aren’t equal. Shivay feels sorry that Mohit never valued him. Mohit tells him that he has played a drama to save his life and win his trust. He tells him that he had to beg to Priya for his needs, so he has killed her to get her property and framed Shivay. He gets frustrated that Shivay got safe. He asks him that no one will tell him about Anika. He reveals that he has put Anika in danger. Shivay asks him where is Anika. Mohit asks him to find Anika as well, if he has found Nancy easily. He gives a clue that Anika is close to him and danger too. He asks Shivay to rush before it gets too late. Shivay looks for Anika around. He learns about the workshop and rushes there to check for Anika. Mohit’s clue works for him.

He reaches Anika and finds her in grave danger. He doesn’t know how to save Anika. He manages to stop the machine and saves Anika. He gets Anika to consciousness and shares a moment of ultimate concern. He brings Anika to Mohit and tells him that he has failed in his revenge. Shivay bashes up Mohit for risking Anika’s life. He loses his cool and tells Mohit that he can’t tolerate this, Anika should be unharmed. Media questions Shivay about his relation with Anika. Mohit insults Shivika’s relation and tells the media that Anika is Shivay’s mistress. Anika breaks into tears. She stays numb about it. Shivay gets raging on Mohit. Media gets questioning further about Anika’s relation with the Oberois, since Daksh has accused the same thing before. Shivay breaks his silence and tells the media that Anika is his wife. He accepts Anika and tells the media that Anika is her pride. He gives Anika her rights of a wife.

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