Ishqbaaz: A five-year leap brings big changes in Oberoi family

Ishqbaaz: Roop begins executing her evil scheme

Ishqbaaz: A five-year leap brings big changes in Oberoi family… Shivay gets framed in Tej’s murder case. Tej instigates Shivay for shooting him, by telling Shivay that he will kill his sons Omkara and Rudra for the property. He shows his true colours once again and fools Shivay in his big plan. He lies that he has already sent the goons to execute the fatal accident. Shivay asks Tej to stop his men from harming Omkara and Rudra. He loses his cool when Tej becomes adamant and asks him to get ready to see his brothers’ dead. Tej passes the gun to Shivay and provokes him, knowing Shivay can do anything for his family, he can never kill anyone to save his brothers. Shivay gets raging and takes the big to shoot Tej. When Tej gets shot, the entire family arrives on time and witnesses the incident.

Tej tells Jhanvi and their sons that Shivay has shot him to kill, so that he gets all the property and business to him. He proves himself by asking Omkara and Rudra to check the company’s 100 percent shares entitled to Shivay. Tej breathes his last in front of his sons. Tej’s death comes as a big shock for everyone.

Omkara and Rudra lose belief in Shivay. Anika still proves her love by showing her strong belief in Shivay. She knows Shivay can just protect his family, and not harm anyone. Omkara and Rudra send Shivay behind bars. Shivay gets trapped in Tej’s planning. Tej succeeds to oust Shivay completely from the family. Shivay gets arrested and spends years in jail. The show takes a five year leap. Shivay gets released from the jail after five years. He heads to the church and speaks out his emotions for his brothers. He doesn’t regret that he got jailed, as he succeeded to save his brothers’ lives.

Anika meets him at the church. She hugs him and sheds tears. She explains him that he should return home. Shivay doesn’t want to go home. He tells her that he can’t face his brothers. Anika shares his pain. She tells him that everyone is waiting for him. He tells her that he knows nobody is waiting, he feels guilty for shooting Tej. He refuses to go home. He holds all the pain within him. Anika tries hard to convince. Anika gives him strength. She finds him broken down. She knows his trauma and tries to connect to his heart. He tells her that he has killed Tej, he can’t face anyone, he is responsible for breaking the family. Anika completely supports Shivay. She convinces him and takes him home. Shivay faces Omkara and Rudra’s wrath at home and shatters further. How will Shivay win back his family? Keep reading for more on Ishqbaaz.

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